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Wild Turkey Rye

Turkey's Rye

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JReview by @Jason0142

16th May 2012


Wild Turkey Rye
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Nose: distinctly Spicy (more savory spice then sweet on my nose), peppercorns, toasted rye bread, slight citrusy notes, an undercurrent of the slight vinilla and corn sweetness you get from a bourbon. The 50.5% alc carries the flavours exceptionally well and tickles the nose.

Palate: zesty and tangy, slight honey sweetness with vinilla's, spiciness is back, with some bittersweet woody flavours, hints of charcoal, slight hints of buttered corn and toasted grains.

Finish: Quite long, Lingering notes from the Palate, lovely toasted grains, some cooked vinilla and a citrusy zestiness.

First Rye whisky ever so I hope this review isn't too bad, I found this to be a lovely little bottle and damn cheap as well. Works well as a mixer with coke instead of bourbon and considering it's quite cheap I'll be able to make real Manhattan cocktails on a reasonable budget. Can't wait to check out other rye whisky's.

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Victor commented

If I had little money, and could only buy one whiskey, Wild Turkey 101 Rye would be my one and only bottle. Wild Turkey just brought out a new 40.5% rye, but 40% is really too dilute to enjoy the full effect.

11 years ago 0

Jason0142 commented

This little whisky defiantly is a golden nugget, it's cheap, it's 50%alc, it's really good as a mixer, great neat and in cocktails. Really ticks all the boxes to be a great all rounder.

11 years ago 0

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