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William Larue Weller Bourbon bottled 2014

BTAC 2014 Part II of III

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@talexanderReview by @talexander

17th Feb 2015


William Larue Weller Bourbon bottled 2014
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  • Brand: William Larue Weller
  • ABV: 70.1%

Next up: the BTAC's wheated bourbon, William Larue Weller. The 2014 release was distilled in spring 2002 and matured in 39 barrels for 12 years and 3 months before bottling in fall 2014.

The colour is very deep, dark amber - I swear it's almost purple. On the nose - my word. Leather, boot polish, cloves, thick juicy oak. Slight hint of black liquorice allsorts. The caramel and vanilla are there but they are waiting in the wings behind the richest, most aromatic oak you've ever whiffed. Yet so subtle. Water brings out meatier notes of beef bourguignon. How is this possible?

On the palate, more leather and varnish (no, that's actually good) but very hot with the ABV. Christmas spices, plums, molasses - very chewy. But also herbal with BBQ wood smoke. Water adds notes of baked apple and espresso beans. Intense and all-encompassing, but again - complexity and layers upon layers of complementary flavours.

The long finish is toasty, amazingly smooth, and features more plums and molasses. Allspice and thick oak runs in the background. This is extraordinary - one of the most beautiful bourbons I've ever had the privilege of tasting. I am partial to wheated bourbons and when I taste this, I understand why.

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talexander commented

Again, I apologize for not crediting @paddockjudge for this sample (I keep hitting the "send" button too early.)

9 years ago 0

Victor commented

Yes, as Jim Murray likes to describe William Larue Weller, "a three course meal of a bourbon". Loves me some Weller!

I've never met even a so-so William Larue Weller.

9 years ago 0

Pudge72 commented

If I could only purchase one more bottle of bourbon ever...perish the thought!...it would be this bottle. Great write up!

9 years ago 0

Astroke commented

I won a bottle of the 2015 in the LCBO lottery.I am a wheated Bourbon fan as well. This is the best Whiskey I have yet to taste in my short whiskey journey. Very nice review

8 years ago 0