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Woodford Reserve

Thank you Kentucky!

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@GotOak91Review by @GotOak91

7th Sep 2012


Woodford Reserve
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I don't have lots of experience with America's defining liquor, Bourbon. After consuming Jim Beam White label, I strayed away from bourbon yet I came back for W.T. 101 which renewed my hopes in this quintessential American beverage but wasn't enough to make me buy bourbon until now.. Introducing Woodford Reserve Distillers Select..

Nose: A sweet nose; hints of brown sugar, oak, orange, and maple syrup. For some reason this nose reminded me of an assortment of syrups i.e. maple, simple bar syrup, and a tad bit of honey. Its not a sickly sweet its just different since I've been starting my scotch adventure and I haven't smelled anything this sweet.

Body:Full, rich, and smooth when I swirled this in my glencairn glass I had noticed thick and slow legs moving down the sides.

Taste: Spice (cinnamon and a little pepper), dark chocolate, oak, walnut, and Id go as far as saying banana bread. Hopefully that's not to far-fetched.

Finish: Long and lasting and a tad bit spicy. I taste rye and maybe a little herbal bitterness (mint?), it seems to break down into floral notes and things I cant quite put my tongue on. Relatively smooth, 6-7 years of spending in oak definitely helps. This can linger awhile on the palate if you let it.

Overall: A nice change in pace from scotch but I still have some unfinished business regarding it so I will be back at it soon.

P.S. I had decided to smell the empty glass for the first time and I had found it to be quite enjoyable. I found fall baking spices, vanilla, and maple syrup again very sweet almost liqueur- like. Still quite enjoyable..

Upcoming mini bottle No. 4 of 4 Barrel Proof: Wild Turkey Rare Breed

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