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Ledaig 15 Year Old

Ledaig 15 Year (Signatory Bottling) Ledaig 15 Year Old

Reviewed is a Signatory bottling of this Ledaig – fairly certain I’m dealing with the same Scotch in a different bottle than pictured. Nose: bare-knuckle strong, very dry, almost grappa-like. Grapefruit…

@BDeVriesBy @BDeVries14 years ago 0 485

Lagavulin 16 Year Old

Bliss Lagavulin 16 Year Old

It consistently astounds me that this bottle only costs about $60 US dollars. I see there are more than a few reviewers before me that have accurately analyzed the taste. I seek here to put things in…

@BDeVriesBy @BDeVries14 years ago 3 2590

Bruichladdich Waves

Peat's Appearance Properly Subtle Bruichladdich Waves

Honeysuckle and heather introduce this dram fairly, but the nose suffers the high proof somewhat; smell deeply enough and you’ll find a pleasant whiff of salt and seaweed, but also the unfortunate sting…

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