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High West Campfire

Conjoined Triplet! A Circus Whiskey High West Campfire

This blend from High West Distillery is a mix of straight rye, bourbon and a peated blended scotch. For lovers of all types of whisk(e)y, this is as interesting as it sounds.Let's get to it...Nose:…

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Forty Creek Heart of Gold

Canadian Christmas Whiskey Forty Creek Heart of Gold

I'll preface these notes to say the praise Forty Creek is getting as of late is, in my opinion, over-stated.As far as Canadian whiskey goes, I think there is very little to get excited about (and I'm a…

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Longrow 18 Year Old

A "Long" Conversation Longrow 18 Year Old

It's difficult to tell, but judging from the very faint date stamp on the label, this looks to be from a 2012 batch. Initial research led me to believe that there hadn't been a 2012 bottling, but a bit…

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Old Pulteney 17 Year Old

Yes. I'll Have Some More. Old Pulteney 17 Year Old

The date stamp is smudged on this so I can't tell what batch it's from. Judging from the packaging it looks like the most recent, so I'm thinking 2012.Nose: Apples. Pears. Honey and vanilla yogurt.…

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Caol Ila 1998 Distillers Edition

I Like You Better Nude Caol Ila 1998 Distillers Edition

This edition is distilled in 1998 and bottled in 2011.Nose: Chocolate covered raisins, beer, bitter citrus zest. Baked orchard fruit and cloves. Pencil shavings and sweet BBQ. There's a slight solvent…

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Kilchoman Machir Bay 2012

Young and Rubbery Kilchoman Machir Bay 2012

Nose: This one smacked me in the face with peat, rubber bands, and alcohol upon first whiffs. With time the rubber and alcohol mellows enough that it's not totally off-putting. Notes of bread dough,…

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Ardbeg 1999 Galileo 12 Year Old

Mmmultiple Personalities Ardbeg 1999 Galileo 12 Year Old

Nose: Like the Airigh Nam Beist, I find the nose on this quite understated. The sweet, creamy peat and the tobacco notes of the 10-year are all here, but significantly muted by the wine. That said, even…

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Ardbeg 1990 Airigh Nam Beist

Sweet Fleeting Meeting Ardbeg 1990 Airigh Nam Beist

My local whisky haunt just revised and expanded on a menu that was severely outdated and as it turns out, an Ardbeg that was previously listed as simply "Ardbeg 1990" turns out to actually be the Airigh…

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Caol Ila 12 Year Old

Pale Smoking Rogue Caol Ila 12 Year Old

Nose: A bit of an oxymoron to start things off... burnt leaves and fresh sea air. Wet stone. White pepper. Parsley. Faint aniseed and just a hint of dried orange rind. A very fresh, savory nose.Taste:…

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