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Reviews by @JasonHambrey

North of 7 Four Grain

A connosr-influenced cask North of 7 Four Grain

In the past three years, I’ve made a special effort to taste whiskies from as many of the micro distillers in Canada that I can. I think I’m up to 35, a small number still, but that’s a fair number past…

@JasonHambreyBy @JasonHambrey2 years ago 8 489

Sazerac Mister Sam

BTAC style with Canadian whisky Sazerac Mister Sam

This whisky has been released by Sazerac, who have quietly been picking up old Seagram's brands including 15 brands last fall (including Seagram's VO, Five Star, and '83). They've been establishing a bit…

@JasonHambreyBy @JasonHambrey3 years ago 7 1397

Forty Creek 22 Year Old Rye

A very different Forty Creek Forty Creek 22 Year Old Rye

This whisky was distilled in 1996 in a pot still from 100% rye. Bill Ashburn, John Hall's predecessor at Forty Creek, carried the grain in himself to the fermenters, did the distillation, and even hand…

@JasonHambreyBy @JasonHambrey3 years ago 6 292

Amrut Peated Cask Strength

2/2 on batches of this stuff Amrut Peated Cask Strength

I was at the Dublin airport last week, and they had amrut peated CS - I did my due diligence and took the bottles out of the cases and discovered they had two batches on the shelves - batch 28 (bott. Jan…

@JasonHambreyBy @JasonHambrey4 years ago 9 393

Crown Royal Wine Barrel Finished

A lot of complexity here Crown Royal Wine Barrel Finished

Finished for 6 months in a cabernet sauvignon cask from California (though I suspect it might still be French oak, but unconfirmed...).I’m getting interesting notes on the nose. Canadian whisky is bec…

@JasonHambreyBy @JasonHambrey5 years ago 2 892

Mackmyra Svensk Ek

Swedish Oak! Mackmyra Svensk Ek

As far as I understand, a small portion of this whisky (~10%) was matured in new heavily toasted Swedish oak barrels.Very fruity and light in character, with a brilliant presentation of barley. Banana…

@JasonHambreyBy @JasonHambrey5 years ago 2 187