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Laphroaig Quarter Cask

The Sweeter Peat Laphroaig Quarter Cask

As with the 10 year old whisky I'm very impressed This one is alot sweeter and smoother and although heavy in peat it's not quite the raw peat monster like it's 10 year old brother.I couldn't say which…

@MountrainBy @Mountrain12 years ago 0 090

Heaven Hill  Kentucky Mellow Corn

okay but simple Heaven Hill Kentucky Mellow Corn

I get a sweet tongue and then nothing really just burns a little at the end. It's very soft on the tongue and there's nothing wrong with it, it just simply needs to do more. If these guys out some time…

@MountrainBy @Mountrain12 years ago 0 050

Balcones Baby Blue Corn Whisky

Interesting Individual Balcones Baby Blue Corn Whisky

I got a light taste of liquorice root followed by a strong sour note and a burn which breaks down into an after taste of vanilla. The oilyness of it gives me an aftertaste ever so slightly of vanilla ice…

@MountrainBy @Mountrain12 years ago 0 085

Glenfarclas 10 Year Old

Highland Gem Glenfarclas 10 Year Old

Sweet, floral, buttery, very smooth, rounded, and balanced. Obviously put together by someone with great taste and technique. It doesnt burn whatsoever, the smoothness and the lightness together with its…

@MountrainBy @Mountrain12 years ago 0 190

Laphroaig 10 Year Old

The Great Smoked Peat Laphroaig 10 Year Old

This one is best if you let it breathe for 15 mins and give it no more than a teaspoon of water. The peat taste hits first followed by a bonfire smoke taste. Its smooth and a bit too easy for me to drink…

@MountrainBy @Mountrain12 years ago 0 091