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Reviews by @TheCasks

Tyrconnell Single Malt

Mellow Irish Tyrconnell Single Malt

The Nose: Soft, floral, and fruity nose. Light molasses and creamy grain balance well with red delicious apples and tart lemon icing on lemon-vanilla cake. Just a touch spirit-y, not off-putting though…

@TheCasksBy @TheCasks12 years ago 0 285

Mackmyra Special 01 Eminent Sherry

Svensk Whisky Mackmyra Special 01 Eminent Sherry

The Nose: Some nice stewed stone fruit – peaches and plums, with ripe juicy citrus along with mingled notes of buttered bread, hot cocoa and even a bit of chocolate brownie. The sherry is pretty subtle…

@TheCasksBy @TheCasks12 years ago 0 080

Aberlour 16 Year Old Double Cask

Very good...but not great. Aberlour 16 Year Old Double Cask

The Nose: Mmmmm…all sweet and hardly any peat. Bourbon-y brown sugar and Maraschino cherries. There’s a chewy caramel roll/sticky bun quality as well. Lots of sherry tones come out as well, ripe raisin…

@TheCasksBy @TheCasks13 years ago 0 380

Caol Ila 12 Year Old

Mouthwatering... Caol Ila 12 Year Old

Nose: Peat smoke, but a softer, less insistent peat smoke, less medicinal and strong than Ardbeg or Laphroig. A little wood smoke as well...perhaps a little smoke from burning grass. Orange or even…

@TheCasksBy @TheCasks13 years ago 0 490

Glenrothes Select Reserve

Speyside Tequila? Glenrothes Select Reserve

The Nose: First whiff...tequila. Hola. Muchos Gracias but no, tequila is not the nose I want with my Scotch. Floral and light, there was vanilla and sweet citrus, tangerine maybe, with a hint of fennel…

@TheCasksBy @TheCasks13 years ago 0 170

Glenfarclas 12 Year Old

Truly Independent Speysider Glenfarclas 12 Year Old

The Nose: Root beer float/vanilla cream soda and I mean that in the best way! Cream sherry, a little raisin-y, and a wisp of smoke. A rich and vibrant nose.The Palate: Smoooooth, luscious mouthfeel.…

@TheCasksBy @TheCasks13 years ago 0 185

Redbreast 12 Year Old

Pure Pot Still. Redbreast 12 Year Old

Along with Green Spot 8 Year Old Irish Whiskey, Redbreast is a rare, true pure pot still. Distilled from both malted and un-malted barley, Redbreast is aged for at least 12 years in sherry and bourbon…

@TheCasksBy @TheCasks13 years ago 0 495

Glengoyne 17 Year Old

Not Too Impressive Glengoyne 17 Year Old

The Nose: Soft, slightly floral, candied lemon and citrus notes...at times pleasantly reminiscent of Fruit Loops. There's an anise/Pernod quality as well, and since I'm name-dropping heavily manufactured…

@TheCasksBy @TheCasks13 years ago 0 085

Highland Park 12 Year Old

Dangerous Gateway Malt Highland Park 12 Year Old

The Nose: Apples...no, pears! No...no, apples. Ok, today, maybe pears and apples, specifically the smell of a good, hard pear right before you bite into it. There's Definitely honey here, too. There are…

@TheCasksBy @TheCasks13 years ago 0 495