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Glenrothes Select Reserve

Speyside Tequila?

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@TheCasksReview by @TheCasks

7th Apr 2010


Glenrothes Select Reserve
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The Nose: First whiff...tequila. Hola. Muchos Gracias but no, tequila is not the nose I want with my Scotch. Floral and light, there was vanilla and sweet citrus, tangerine maybe, with a hint of fennel and wood spice.

The Palate: Lighter mouthfeel. Vanilla notes mixed with spicey, youngish tones. There was something mildly salty about the taste as well. Refreshing and crisp.

The Finish: Medium-ish. The spicy quality hangs around a bit.

Thoughts: I found the tequila nose thing kind of a turnoff, but then again, I'm not the biggest tequila fan. Nothing really jumped out here, otherwise. It was a little plain-jane. Very accesible and refreshing...just...not...yeah. It was ok, not what I would think of as a traditional Speyside malt.

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jdcook commented

I've heard very mixed things about different bottlings of the Glenrothes. Apparently some of them are awesome, many are quite good, but a couple are fairly average. I've stayed away myself because I can't be bothered to figure out which ones are the one to try, and which should be avoided.

14 years ago 0

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