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Reviews by @dbk

Compass Box Magic Cask

The Magic Trick Compass Box Magic Cask

In 2007, The Liquor Control Board of Ontario, the province’s sole alcohol distributor outside of the Beer Store (the former being a government monopoly, the latter being privately owned by Labbatt’s,…

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Bernheim Original

Soft As a Whisper Bernheim Original

“Wheat” whiskey is a rather old kind of spirit, by New World standards anyway, but it has laid dormant for some time. Continuing along its playful streak, Heaven Hill reintroduced the category with…

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Writers Tears Pot Still Blend

Fantastically Confusing Writers Tears Pot Still Blend

Writers Tears Pot Still Irish Whiskey is an oddity. It’s a pure—excuse me, single—pot still—ahem, apologies—whiskey that’s been blended with malt whiskey, all produced at—where else?—Midleton Distillery…

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Wild Turkey 101

What's The Word? Wild Turkey 101

Wild Turkey is a curious brand. With their latest “give ‘em the bird” campaign, WT continues to position its whiskey with the “bad boy” crowd. No doubt, it’s immensely popular with the type of person who…

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Blanton's Original

A Nod To The Finer Things Blanton's Original

Blanton’s Original Single Barrel Kentucky Straight Bourbon is made for Age International by the Buffalo Trace distillery, from their high rye mash bill. I have previously reviewed two other bourbons…

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Four Roses

A Blend of Ten Four Roses

The Yellow Label bottling is the entry-level bourbon under the Four Roses name. It is far and away considered the ugly duckling of the Four Roses line, but I think this attribution is unfair. The Yellow…

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Evan Williams Single Barrel 1998

The Years In Between Evan Williams Single Barrel 1998

Evan Williams is one of Heaven Hill’s many whiskey brands. It shares the same mash bill—with rye constituting the “small” grain—as Elijah Craig, JTS Brown, and Henry McKenna, to name a few. As with other…

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Maker's Mark 46

Maker's 2.0 Maker's Mark 46

In a previous review (http://www.connosr.com/reviews/makers-mark/makers-mark/the-original-premium-bourbon/), I gave some background on Maker’s Mark, the most well known wheated bourbon on the market. The…

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Maker's Mark

The Original "Premium" Bourbon Maker's Mark

Maker’s Mark is a “wheated” bourbon, meaning that the “small” grain in the mash is wheat (rather than the more conventional rye). Though Maker’s Mark was not the first wheated bourbon on the market—the…

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