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Reviews by @markjedi1

Mackmyra Vit Hund

Good fun! Mackmyra Vit Hund

My buddy Marcel from Holland sent me a box with some new make samples. One of those was the commercially available Vit Hun – meaning white dog – of the Swedish Mackmyra. Perhaps they took their inspir…

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Hven Tycho's Star

Elderflower Hven Tycho's Star

Let’s remain in Sweden some more and try a malt from Spirit of Hven. The distillery can be found on the island Hven in the strait between Sweden and Denmark. None other than astronomer Tycho Brahe lived…

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Box Dàlvve

Aperitif Box Dàlvve

It is fair to say that the Dàlvve is the first release in the standard range of the Swedish Box distillery. The first batch appeared in October 2016 – at last in 70cl bottles – while the batch I will try…

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Box American Oak

Box BBQ Box American Oak

When Box launched its American Oak in 2016, they still did so in 500ml bottles. By now the malt had turned 5 years old and matured on first fill boubon casks, getting an extra finish on American new oak…

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Box 02 The 2nd Step Collection

Molded Wood Box 02 The 2nd Step Collection

In August 2016 the Swedish distillery Box launched this 4 year old malt in her 2nd Step Collection. It is a mix of bourbon casks (48%) and first fill oloroso casks (52%). Just like the Explorer, a half…

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Box The Explorer

Pleasant Surprise Box The Explorer

The Box Destillerie in the high north of Sweden was founded in 2010. Like every new distillery, they release their product at an early age to be able to keep paying the bills. Most of their young whis…

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Glen Ord 1974 23 Year Old

Rotting Oranges Glen Ord 1974 23 Year Old

Glen Ord was founded in 1838 on the Black Isle, some 15 kilometers northwest of Inverness. Only 20% is destined for single malt releases, the rest is for Diageo’s blending needs with Johnnie Walker and…

@markjedi1By @markjedi120 days ago 0 087

Glen Albyn 1975 26 Year Old

Agave Glen Albyn 1975 26 Year Old

Glen Albyn’s destiny is even worse than Glen Mhor’s. This distillery – also in Inverness – was also closed in 1983 and demolished to make room for a shopping center. But in Glen Albyn’s case, even the…

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Coleburn 1979 / 21 Year Old / Rare Malts

Waxy Coleburn 1979 / 21 Year Old / Rare Malts

Founded in 1896 about a stone’s throw away from Longmorn and BenRiach, this Speyside distillery is now long gone. Coleburn was one of the 28 victims of the large closing round by Diageo in 1983. In the…

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Glen Mhor 1979 22 Year Old

Mud & Rust Glen Mhor 1979 22 Year Old

There is not a single trace left of the Glen Mhor distillery today. After it was closed in 1983, the buildings were demolished 5 years later to make room for a shopping center. Bar this Rare Malts rel…

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