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Disappointed by the crappy selection of whisky and bourbon…




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Disappointed by the crappy selection of whisky and bourbon they have in Ontario, Canada. If you want the good stuff, you would have to "The Caledonian" or "The Dam Pub" where they have a good selection of whisky to try out. Great service, great whisky, unfortunately overpriced like all bars.

I consider a dram the basic 1.5oz 4.5cl 45ml, or more well known as a shot. I enjoy it neat like almost everyone here, sip by sip, and diluted to 35% (Ardbeg to 40%).

New to the world of scotch and bourbon. First drink that involved whiskey was the "Four Horsemen" that was a mix of JD, Jameson, JW Black label and Jim Beam white (I believe) mixed quarter into a shot glass served neat. I started off my whiskey quest with JD, but soon figured while trying many scotches in HK that Ardbeg was the right whisky for me.

On the side of the bottles I own, it's more of a list of the whiskeys I have tried (most I have purchased in the bottle).


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