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Ardbeg 1990 Airigh Nam Beist

Mmm Ice Cream

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@PeatReview by @Peat

26th Nov 2009


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Bottle signed by Davinia, known to be reminiscent of ice cream. Drammed from Glencairn glass.

N: Much more subtle on the peat and medicinal aromas than most of the other Ardbeg offerings. Slight sweet caramel and toffee, little oak, slight creamy aroma. Light peat and fresh dirt from a potato. Water really cuts down on most of the aromas but brings out a touch of fruit.

T: Semi hot to start, some nice peat comes out first, smokey and a little iodine but not too heavy. A little sweet caramel and some creamy flavors build, which gives it that ice cream like flavor. A little chewy malt flavor as well. Water cuts down the heat, obviously, but also seems to bring out the peat more, but its accompanied by some chocolate and more sweet caramel.

M: Medium body, rolls around the tongue smoothly. A little oily.

F: Finishes a little more smokey, hot with warming alcohol, and a slight left over syrup on the mouth.

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