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Ardbeg 1999 Galileo 12 Year Old


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bReview by @bscott

24th Jan 2013


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I actually purchased this bottle by looking at the box; it's Ardbeg, how could I go wrong?

Nose: peat with hints of apricots, raisins, lemony.

Palate: peat,apricots,raisins,cloves. Initially smooth.

Finish: Ashy, vanilla,cloves, briny lemon.

Memory(smell of glass afterwards): Leather, raisins.

I felt this scotch fell short. There was a lot going on, however, it seemed like it was missing something. Don't get me wrong, this was an enjoyable scotch to drink, but it lacked something I can't seem to pinpoint.Perhaps its because I don't like cloves;It had a bit of a sharp unpleaseant edge to it.

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Rigmorole commented

For me, it's a beast with two backs. For some reason, the sherry fights the peat a little. I like Galileo but I will never buy a bottle. This said, I have bought a glass in a bar and I did have a glass at a friends' house a while ago.

I am now interested in trying a glass of the peated Admore traditional cask. It's very hard to find in bars, which, if they do have Ardmore, always seem to stock the 12 year. I am curious if the peated Admore it delivers a nice light peat backhand, rather than an outright facepunch.

When it comes to the Islas, I am not crazy about outright peat monsters. I like fraternizing with peat leprachauns, sprites, and perhaps peat hobbits. Galileo falls in this category for me. Then again, the last time I drank a glass of Alligator, I didn't have any water handy to put in it. Boy, that really dried out my throat.

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