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Ardbeg Ardbog

A Bit Winey,But They Still Like It

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@VictorReview by @Victor

28th Aug 2013


Ardbeg Ardbog
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I have been highly entertained by the reactions to Ardbeg Galileo since its release 1 September 2012, and have enjoyed waiting to review the new Ardbeg Ardbog for a nearly-full 3 months since its release June 1, 2013. Galileo had the audacity to be really winey, by Ardbeg standards. Some loved it, others were horrified by it. Some could not forgive it; at least one panel named it Finest Malt Whisky of the Year. Ardbog is, thankfully, a little less divisive,...by virtue of its being a little bit less winey.

Nose: strong intensity; usual Ardbeg peaty/smokey briney flavours; hint of wine. Very nice.

Taste: intense, pointed Ardbeg bite to set the stage...this alone makes Ardbog more acceptable to most than was Galileo. The usual Ardbeg flavours resume after the inital 'bite", in a very fulsome and flavourful way. Sweet, but, as is usually the case with Islay whiskies, not too sweet. The wine begins in a small way, at first, until the...

Finish: ...wine takes over. Nice wine, but the other flavours stay strong, so that no one is too frightened that the Ardbeg profile has been lost. What would happen to us all if malt lovers lost faith in Ardbeg? Ragnarok. You Norse members know what that is.

Balance: Very nice whisky. Others like it. So do I. Not particularly unusual, but solid. Quite solid.

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AKGcandlefish commented

Very eager to try this one. Thanks for the review.

10 years ago 0

MaltActivist commented

I liked this one miles better than the Galileo. My first tasting with friends was quite uneventful. But when I sat down with it (in the silence of my tasting room) I discovered a whole bouquet of aromas layered on top of each other. Quite a heady experience.

The palate, I believe, got a couple of extra points for not being as bad as the Galileo. I was personally quite happy with this Ardbeg. You and I have a couple of points between us for this one. Looks like a unanimous winner.

10 years ago 0

Victor commented

Ardbog polarises, as does sulphur. Usually I find that peaty whiskies blend with sulphured wine casks in such a way that sulphur is much less tastable, and sometimes nearly invisible. In general air exposure has always made sulphur much more apparent to me in whiskies which have sulphur present.

I tried some of a long-opened bottle of Ardbog recently and the sulphur really stood out clearly for me for the first time. Not good. Not good at all. This is one of those whiskies which is best drunk early before the sulphur blossoms with air time. I understand now why some people really dislike Ardbog.

6 years ago 2Who liked this?