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Arran 100 Proof

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Arran 100 Proof

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  • Brand: Arran
  • Bottler: Distillery Bottling
  • ABV: 57.0%

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Arran 100 Proof

I have minimal experience with Arran. My first taste of it was January 3 when I opened a SMWS bottling (121.76 – Close Shave from a Tipsy Barber) 12 YO presumably at cask strength. I was totally blown away. I recently saw that an official bottling of 12 YO CS is available and I ordered a sample of the same batch from Master of Malt to see if I like it and would like to buy some.

In anticipation of the arrival of this sample any day, I decided to open a 5 cl miniature I purchased a few years back of Arran 100 proof, to be followed (not on the same day) by a dram of the SMWS bottling (I haven’t had any in 2 months), followed by the sample.

My understanding from reading is that this expression has been discontinued but it remains available online in the UK on at least one site. The bottle is freshly opened and my notes were obtained from nosing over 20-30 minutes, tasting, then adding a few drops of water and waiting.


Intriguing. Rich. Initially fruity followed by a vegetal note that develops. Dust. Sweet syrup. Over time the vegetal note develops into more fruit. These are what I would describe as high pitched notes. I get something close to green apple (a glenfiddichy property). Interestingly, with air time alone, the nose then becomes muted again and the vegetal note returns. 20/25

With water, the apple note eventually breaks through again. Even more water added later on really does subdue the nose quite a bit. (19/25)


First sip is sour and fruity, with none of the vegetal note of the nose. Subsequently it is hotter, spicier. I get vanilla, sour apple. It is fairly sweet. A little bitterness in the development (peppery as opposed to unpleasant). 21/25

With water it becomes hotter. But it seems to settle down with time. The mouthfeel becomes creamier. The vegetal note is apparent then disappears. The development has a pleasant sourness to it. Hard to say if I like it better or worse this way. Adding a second small measure of water to the 15 cc remaining makes it even more creamy. (22/25)

The finish is dry and astringent, medium-long, with a little bitterness. 21/25 With water it becomes shorter. With a little more water and about 20 minutes away from the covered glass there is a sour citrus addition to the finish. (22/25)

Balance. I like Cask strength whiskies and this one behaves very much like one. The nose and the palate integrate well together. 22/25

Total Score: neat 84/100, with a bit of water and lots of time 85/100

I agree with a lot of what @hunggar said in his review:


I like the term “amped up Glenfiddich 12”, but I do like this better than the Glenfiddich 12.

I’m looking forward to tasting the other Arrans in my near future.

Nice review, I haven't tried this although i'm a big fan of Arran malt in general, amped up Glenfiddich 12 sounds pretty good to me.

I saw that 12 cask strength at the LCBO I am mighty tempted, can you please post a review of that or the SMWS release if you have a chance?

which batch?


This is my first Arran. I haven’t sampled much from this distillery, but right now I find myself starting with the 100 Proof. I like a bit of kick, so I thought a healthy 57% abv. may be right up my alley. Not so.

Nose: Apples, citrus rind, pears, and malt. Lots of barley and some very light vanilla. The strength gives it an alcoholic bite but the nose remains surprisingly fresh. Soapy. Complex? No, but not bad.

Palate: Oily mouthfeel. Loads of barley. Pears are in there, too.

Finish: Vanilla predominates throughout the finish. The barley remains. Sipped neat, there’s some serious tang here, but it’s quickly calmed by a few drops of water. Some pears, bananas, and nuts are here, too. Mostly just barley and vanilla.

I love stronger whiskies. They take the whisky’s base flavours and amplify them, giving added intensity and richness. Sadly, the base flavours here don’t offer much of a foundation. The flavour profile itself is about as standard and unimpressive as it gets. There’s simply not enough going on here. It’s pleasant, yes. But it’s too… average. I’m reminded of an amped-up Glenfiddich 12 year old. Nothing unpleasant, just a bit boring. I’ll skip this next time.

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