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Arran AR.JR

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Arran AR.JR

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  • Brand: Arran
  • Bottler: Unknown
  • ABV: 63.5%

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Arran AR.JR

Arran AR.JR aged in Jerusalem Bottled by IWS : Cask # 06/800019, Bottle No. 83/214

We’re talking about Scotch made whisky, which has been shipped to Israel for maturation. To make a long story short, The Israeli Whisky Society (IWS) acquired a few casks from the Arran distillery in Scotland in an attempt to create a unique whisky, matured in Israel’s climate and then to be bottled in single casks bottling at Cask strength, No filtering, No color added just natural plain old whisky.

nose: At first whiff kind of woody, which is very surprising for such a young malt (aged 4) . after letting it rest in the glass, the oaky notes do get much lighter. I've added water since this is a beast in terms of ABV. After watering it down and letting it settle for a bit we get sweet oak notes, some vanilla, spices and some candy notes (marshmallow,candy sticks). In the Background i am getting also some faint hints of pears (Speyside kind of).

Palate: quite powerful stingy alcohol coming at you! malt, sugar and vanilla with some wood spice at the end. Malty character is also evident. not very complex, but more enjoyable than last year's bottling which jumped at you.

Finish: Oak and oak spices, bitter fruity notes. a little bit like chewing on a pencil ending...

The packaging/branding side of things seems quite slick - AR.JR - hints of Elements of Islay?

How long were the casks in Scotland? And how long in Israel?

yea, nice packaging and name..

aged 2 yr at scotland, then 2 yr here in J-m.

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