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Arran Devil's Punch Bowl Chapter 3 The Fiendish Finale

Average score from 2 reviews and 2 ratings 86

Arran Devil's Punch Bowl Chapter 3 The Fiendish Finale

Product details

  • Brand: Arran
  • Bottler: Distillery Bottling
  • ABV: 53.4%

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Arran Devil's Punch Bowl Chapter 3 The Fiendish Finale

When I tried the first Arran Devil’s Punch Bowl, now more than 4 years ago, I was qutie impressed. Unfortunately I missed the second release, but thanks to my buddy Manny I was able to get a generous sample of the last one. Again it is composed with quite a few different casks, but this time no vintages are mentioned, only the cask types and numbers. They are the following: Oloroso Sherry Butts #219, 220, 714, 1643, 1648, 1827, 1828, 2105; French Oak Barriques #696-698, 700, 701, 703-705 and Bourbon Barrels #042, 050, 052, 074, 079. There, you anoraks are also served. This third and last release got the tagline The Fiendish Finale. Fiendish, meaning cruel, devlish or evil, is a word that was used in the 19th Century, but does not appear much nowadays. Aromatic nose – albeit sugary sweet – on caramel, cherries, peach, banana, litchi and white chocolate. There is also a hint of grapefruit in the background, just like some oranges and vanilla. Even further back – almost hidden – is a mild salty breeze. It is quite creamy and piquant. Toffee apples come first, then some citrusy notes and finally some plums and peach. Yes, this is very fruity, but nutmeg, white pepper and loads of toasted oak make it a lot spicier than the nose made you anticipate. Some honey and toffee soften things up a little. From the second sip forwards, the fruit evolves towards the candied and dried variety.

The long finish remains spicy and sweet, with some nuts at the death. Right before it disappears, a touch of bubblegum rears its head.

While I think this is a nice and interesting malt – well-made, if you know what I mean – I did like the first release much better (I cannot judge the second one). Thanks, Manny!


This has been a month of the 'Devil' with Arran and Bowmore bringing out two Devil'ishly good limited releases into the market. So I decided to pit the two the devil's against each other. Here's what I thought of the Arran first..

Nose: The nose which was the best part of this one.. was a exceptionally pleasing medley of fruits and spices.. Apple, bananas.. with cinnamon's and vanilla. As it opens up further you get some dried black raisins and towards the end .. what remains is some refreshing lemon zest.

I kept it aside with a few drops of water in it.. and that brought out a lot of ripe oranges and wood..

Each of those French Oak.. Bourbon and Sherry casks used for maturing this one.. made their presence clearly felt here.

Palate: The palate does have more of those fruits coming through.. although this time it was harder to point out which ones exactly.. I'd say they were definitely more tropical .. There were also some dark chocolatey flavors coming through with an interesting orangy tang to it. A sprinkling of white pepper and some woody notes were part of the mix too. Overall the palate is fairly creamy with a hint of dryness that begins to appear initially but it loses this completely and just gets a lot more creamier once it marries the tiny bit of water that I'd put in.

Finish: The finish wasn't too long.. but not too short either.. a bit of the spices and some mint.. that was more like toothpaste to be honest..

Overall this is indeed was a fine finale.. to what has now become somewhat of an iconic series from this young distillery. Whether or not it has been better than the previous two editions of this series.. is for you to decide.. :)

@vanPelt.. thank you for writing in.. unfortunately I didn't see your discussion earlier or would have posted my comments there.. yes I did get a lot of fruit n spices in mine.. as for the almond.. do you mean on the palate? Maybe there was some.. will need to revisit it though to find out. As for the previous chapters.. I've tried Chapter 2... although I did quite appreciate it the first time.. the second time I had it I really liked it.. in fact better than this one (connosr.com/reviews/arran/…).. and I'm beginning to think that might hold true for this one too.. and yes I do agree with you that water does change the complexion of this one quite a bit.. especially if it is let to settle for a while..

Thanks again @TrailingTheMalt , I mostly meant the palate, but to me the nose is quite similar anyway. It could be the dry cognac influence that I'm tasting as thin bitter almond-- for me it is actually the main theme, especially from the fresh bottle. (Unfortunately!) To my lips, there are no prominent (rich) fruits, but I hope that will change when I come back to the bottle, after a couple of months!

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