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Auchentoshan Classic Bourbon Oak Cask

Fruity lightweight

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@sailormanReview by @sailorman

27th Aug 2011


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Yes, I confess. I enjoy reading whisky reviews before I open my own bottle. I normally check several sources (internet and my favorite whisky book, Charles Mclean's World Whisky), and then I try to figure out why my nose and my taste buds are far less powerful than the experts' organs.

I will use the Auchentoshan Classic (no age statement)as an example.

Nose: The triple distillation has smoothed out any peaty or malty edges. What remains is a not too strong alcoholic pungency and a fruity aroma, something between pear and dried apricot, light and sweet. Sorry, I did not find any coconut in it.

Palate: Medium-sweet and fruity, smooth, somewhat tastes of grains, nothing too spectacular. Short finish, not very memorable. For a whisky aged in bourbon casks, there are not many vanilla notes which - according to a whisky expert - "takes things into a chocolate realm" - maybe only be adding or eating chocolate...

An easy whisky for the summer. I wonder how it would be if they stopped after the second distillation. For about $30,00, it is not a bad value.

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