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Bakers 7 Year Old

Simple and well made.

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@MatthieuReview by @Matthieu

20th Oct 2014


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Well, it's been a while since I last reviewed (or purchased) a whisky. Since I recently had some good fortune, I felt it was a nice way to celebrate by purchasing a new bottle of bourbon.

Notes: First opened the same day as the review. Drunk neat. Bought for 50$CAD at the SAQ.

Nose: Strong caramel with some vanilla, with very faint mint. Some prickling from the alcohol content. It's not the most complex nose I've encountered, but it is warm and very definitely enticing.

Taste: Sweet, dominated by caramel, though nowhere near cloying. Faint fruits, cherries. The alcohol hides itself rather well at this point.

Finish: And here it makes itself known. The finish is spicy and slightly minty, though the dominant aspect is definitely prickling from the alcohol in the throat. After a few moments, it is washed away in a warm wave, leaving a faint aftertaste of cinnamon candy.

Balance: It feels rather simple, but it just hits all the right marks for a bourbon. There are no false notes here, even if it is not the most exciting whisky around. Top mark here.

Will I buy again?: I might, but I probably won't. It's a simple but very well balanced bourbon, a place occupied by the Buffalo Trace, a more affordable option. I hoped it would replace the Maker's 46 (which suffered a recent 10$CAD price hike) as my top bourbon, but I doubt it will.

Nevertheless, a very good whisky and a must try.

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