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25th Jan 2015


Bakers 7 Year Old
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Baker’s is another from Suntory - Beam’s stable. I’ve already reviewed a batch of Booker’s, Knob Creek single barrel and Kirkland’s bottling of their bourbon. Now it’s time for Baker’s, seven years old, batch 90-001. This is the second 20 cc tasting of a 50 cc sample obtained from @paddockjudge (thanks). I have never added water to a bourbon and enjoyed the result so this review is of the undiluted product. My children are playing loudly nearby and I think it does actually affect how well I concentrate on this dram.


Definitely bourbon. Caramel, vanilla. A hint of a fruit but it is fleeting and I can’t quite pinpoint which one (lime, maybe?). Maybe a hint of chocolate. The alcohol is quite strong, but integrated in the aromas. Some spice.


First sip burns, with a strong vanilla presence. Some hints of caramel. This one is very dry. Drier than Bookers. The mouthfeel is also thinner. This is not as rich a whisky. The taste and the nose go very well together. The flavours seem to come out a little more after the first few sips. Again the mysterious fruit in the background.

With milk chocolate it feels even thinner, but a little sweeter. The flavours are a little subdued. With Trader Joe’s dark chocolate covered nibs the whisky becomes sharper, more spicy. I think I like the flavour with the milk chocolate best...but I do like how it changes. And I think the mouthfeel is best neat, without chocolate.

Finish is mainly vanilla.

This is not a bad whisky at all. I didn’t care too much for it the first time I tried it. I think I like it more now. I’m looking forward to my third and final taste some time in the future.




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paddockjudge commented

@Nozinan, Thank you for an honest review. Dare I say this bourbon scores equally high as Booker's in my notes.

9 years ago 0

Nozinan commented

@Paddockjudge, you may dare....

I think this one tastes very different from Booker's. I think it calls for a different setting or mood. I suspect I will like it more as I get to know it better. Somewhere in my travels I was gifted a bottle from the same batch and I look forward to many opportunities to get to know this bourbon...

9 years ago 0

Nozinan commented

I've definitely come to like this. I still agree with my tasting notes but I like this a lot more the third and final time I am drinking from the sample bottle. I think I will up the marks a little.

9 years ago 0

Victor commented

In my book Baker's Bourbon always tastes a lot different not only from Booker's, but a lot different from everything else that Jim Beam makes. We've had conversations on Connosr over the years about why this would be. I still think that it is the yeast used. The only other good explanation to me would be barrel selection...but that explanation just doesn't quite get there for me.

I have been a fan of Baker's ever since my first sip of it.

9 years ago 0