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Balvenie 12 Year Old DoubleWood

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@McGrainReview by @McGrain

13th Aug 2012


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Mostly agreeable but I found this rather underwhelming as an experience. I enjoyed every drop but i'm not that sad that it's all done.

Nose: Spice (cinnamon?), warm oak, vanilla and a drop of liquorice promises something a bit special.

Mouth: But it doesn't really deliver on that promise for me. Extremely gentle, maybe a little too polite, a spice note gives way to a salty lick before a honey sees it off to bed.

After: The honey really lasts but in a very understated way. I'd say the double-barrel would be a great whisky to serve up to someone who wasn't a huge fan.

Sweet, more complicated and polite that you might have first realised. Great fist girlfriend material but...you wouldn't want to marry her!

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Victor commented

I was given two different bottles of Doublewood from two different people, clearly originating from two different batches. I was at first expecting great things since I had really delighted in the Balvenie 10 yo Founders Reserve. The first bottle of Doublewood was totally nothing-y and highly disappointing, though it turned into something pretty tasty after it had oxidised for 18 months. The second I gave away after having tasted the first, but it turns out that the now 'my sister's bottle', the second one, was much more flavourful than the first one I had been given. McGrain, see if you can try some Founders Reserve: that one I recommend wholeheartedly. It is hard to find now, but there are still a few bottles that turn up in odd places.

11 years ago 0

McGrain commented

Thank you sir, noted.

11 years ago 0

McGrain commented

Got the 21 year old port finish sitting unopened, maybe cracking it this week would be reasonable in order to do a remembered comparison...

11 years ago 0

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