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Benromach Organic

Toffed Bananas in Honey!

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@SquidgyAshReview by @SquidgyAsh

5th Sep 2013


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The very first distillery that I visited in Speyside is one of the smallest distilleries in Scotland. Run just by a couple of passionate whisky geeks my wife and I visited Benromach.

I'd heard of Benromach before, but had never sampled any of their wares so it was with great delight that at the end of the tour that I chose 3 very nice little whiskies as our guide Jimmy said "have fun!"

Arriving back home in Australia, I had received heaps of whisky samples from distilleries and whisky importers and quite a few of these whisky samples came from Alba Whisky who import Benromach.

Going through the samples I knew that the first one I reviewed needed to be the first one I chose in Scotland.

Benromach Organic.

As my Canivale marathon continues on I cracked open the sample bottle of Benromach Organic and poured it into the glencairn. Even from a foot away as I poured the whisky into it's glass the nose hit me.

Vanilla, toffee, and more!

Now Benromach Organic is a no age statement whisky that is older then three years old and less then ten years. The entire process of making the whisky, including the use of ingredients meets the standards set by the the UK Soil Association. The whisky is matured in American virgin oak.

Back to the tasting of the whisky!

The nose is sweet with honey, toffee, vanilla, pineapples, bananas, toasted oak, a little floral at times, lavender I think, a little bit of spice, cinnamon I'd say and more vanilla again.

Time for a taste!

Big vanilla, big big vanilla, cinnamon, nutmeg, creamy, pine apple, banana, peach and mango, a little white pepper, now maybe some lychee. It's not bad at all, quite easy going, but also makes you think a wee bit, know what I mean?

A white pepper with some slight fruit, mangoes, ends the finish which is of average length. Not a bad little whisky at all.

Especially when you consider that a bottle would run around $95 to $100 AUS when you can find it. It's an interesting little whisky and definitely worth a shot.

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