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Benromach Organic

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Benromach Organic

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  • Brand: Benromach
  • Bottler: Distillery Bottling
  • ABV: 43.0%

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Benromach Organic

Warm rich smooth fruity and sweet malty arrival develops an evenly balanced warm herbal/vanilla/woody long slow thick finish.

Benromach Organic is a good scotch just not great in my honest opinion. With all the marketing hype concerning Organic and Gluten free this and that. I gave this an honest try but found it to suffer from oxidation sooner than other Benromachs I have tried. Not bad just not great either. Hope this was helpful. (:


Benromach distillery is located near Forres in Morayshire and was established in 1898 by the Benromach Distillery Company Ltd, a partnership between Duncan McCallum (then owner of Glen Nevis distillery) and F.W. Brickman, a spirit merchant from Leith. Due to the depression in the Scotch whisky industry the distillery did not start production until 1900 and closed the same year due to lack of funds. In 1911 the distillery was bought by Harvey McNair & Co who continued operations until the beginning of the First World War. After the war Benromach was revived again by brewers but was mothballed in 1931; it was the first distillery in Scotland to install direct oil firing under the stills when it was re-opened in 1937. In 1938 Benromach was acquired by Associated Scottish Distillers Ltd which later became a part of Distillers Company Ltd (DCL). Between 1966 and 1974 the distillery was modernised and continued to run until 1983 when it was officially closed. In 1993 Gordon & MacPhail bought Benromach from United Distillers and in 1997 started to restore the distillery to a working order until it was officially reopened in 1998. Benromach Organic was first launched in 2006: it is made from biological barley, matured in new American oak barrels from sustainable forests, and meets the rigorous UK Soil Association standards for growing the ingredients, distillation, maturation and bottling. This review refers to the 2008 edition.

The nose is very malty at first, with rich biscuit flavours and lots of oranges. Next, smoke comes to the fore, followed by more oranges and a touch of liquorice. Some dusty notes towards the end.

The palate is medium-bodied and lightly spicy. Vanilla and orange flavours take centre stage, together with a good dose of oak. Then the liquorice is back, followed by earthy and peppery notes.

The finish is of medium length and warming. Oranges and smoke are very prominent now, followed by liquorice and lightly herbal notes.

I am a big admirer of what Gordon & MacPhail have done at Benromach during the past twenty years. In a world where most whisky distilleries are owned by corporate giants it is refreshing to see what entrepreneurs of a smaller scale are up to in the industry. This is a good, solid single malt that, at least for my taste, is slightly too oaky on the palate – no doubt the new oak barrels make themselves heard here. Not my favourite Benromach expression but works well as a change from time to time.


I bought this whisky in a well known UK supermarket chain at a bargain price because the tin had a dent in it. I had not heard of the distillery back then and I was bowled over by its quality. I’m not really one for organic produce but when they taste this good I’m not going complain. A total contrast to the smoky ten year old. Nose: Fruity with peaches apricots sultanas and a touch of malt. Taste: Smooth medium bodied with sweet fruity flavours but hints of malt, cocoa, cedar wood and pecan nuts. Truly delicious. Finish: A bittersweet finish fading beautifully.

This isn't peated at all?

I recently bought a benromach origins port matured bottle on a discount, because..... The tin had a dent. Coincidence, or bad quality tins? :)

I'm sure it is a totally different Whisky, but just like you, it was my first of this distillery. Benromach has a +1 in my book. I like it very much.


The very first distillery that I visited in Speyside is one of the smallest distilleries in Scotland. Run just by a couple of passionate whisky geeks my wife and I visited Benromach.

I'd heard of Benromach before, but had never sampled any of their wares so it was with great delight that at the end of the tour that I chose 3 very nice little whiskies as our guide Jimmy said "have fun!"

Arriving back home in Australia, I had received heaps of whisky samples from distilleries and whisky importers and quite a few of these whisky samples came from Alba Whisky who import Benromach.

Going through the samples I knew that the first one I reviewed needed to be the first one I chose in Scotland.

Benromach Organic.

As my Canivale marathon continues on I cracked open the sample bottle of Benromach Organic and poured it into the glencairn. Even from a foot away as I poured the whisky into it's glass the nose hit me.

Vanilla, toffee, and more!

Now Benromach Organic is a no age statement whisky that is older then three years old and less then ten years. The entire process of making the whisky, including the use of ingredients meets the standards set by the the UK Soil Association. The whisky is matured in American virgin oak.

Back to the tasting of the whisky!

The nose is sweet with honey, toffee, vanilla, pineapples, bananas, toasted oak, a little floral at times, lavender I think, a little bit of spice, cinnamon I'd say and more vanilla again.

Time for a taste!

Big vanilla, big big vanilla, cinnamon, nutmeg, creamy, pine apple, banana, peach and mango, a little white pepper, now maybe some lychee. It's not bad at all, quite easy going, but also makes you think a wee bit, know what I mean?

A white pepper with some slight fruit, mangoes, ends the finish which is of average length. Not a bad little whisky at all.

Especially when you consider that a bottle would run around $95 to $100 AUS when you can find it. It's an interesting little whisky and definitely worth a shot.


Organically sourced barley + organically sourced barrels = organic scotch whisky. Matured in first fill American oak and entirely un-peated.

  • Nose: sweet, caramel, pears, some almost or marzipan, vanilla and honey

  • Pallet: smooth, sweet, some spice, vanilla and almond again, ever so slightly tannin.

  • Finish: light burbon, pallet fades out, malty note lasts through

  • Mark neat - 8.0

This is not a marketing gimic for me. If it was it would be more expensive, while $110 AUD is a touch expensive for young Benromach to organically source these materials isnt easy so no worries there.

the only problem with this whisky is it's just not very interesting, it goes down very very easily but it doesn't have much Benromach character, im not sold on this one. It's just sort-of............ nice


Benromach distillery is Speyside’s smallest - located on the outskirts of the ancient market town of Forres, in north-east Scotland. Just two experienced distillers passionately hand-craft Benromach Single Malt.

The distillery is owned a managed by Gordon & MacPhail - a family business for over 100 years.

So, enough of the background, now the dram...

This is the the world's first bottled Single Malt to be fully certified as organic. It has no age statement and is bottled at 43%. However, the 'organic' tag isn't why I tried it or why I am writing this review, instead it's because it is a cracking dram. Forget the fact that its organic, but it on the taste and quality.

Colour: Deep golden

Nose: Fudge and fruit, slight oak, spicy, melon and apple. Amazing nose!

Mouthfeel/Texture: Delicate and light, smooth and filling

Palate: Toffee and fruit. Very smooth and elegant, slightly spicy

Finish: Medium long, smooth and fresh, slight wood. Very satisfying

This whisky is a big surprise! Smoother than Roger Moore and very elegant. Comes in one of the sexiest tubes on the market. Please try it - you’ll be reaching for more.

The Organic bottling is enjoyable not bad at all, but the 10yo from Benromach is pretty nice stuff too.


More wood than Ron Jeremy. I'll bet this wood is organic too.

LOL by the way, on MoM there's a Rum bottle bearing the actor's name, Ron (de) Jeremy, so at first I thought you were comparing the wood influence on the rum to that on the whisky, but one year ago it hadn't been released yet! :)

If referring to old '70s porn stars is your way of reviewing whisky, I don't think I want to be around your place for a tasting...

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