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Blanton's Gold Edition

And they're off...

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@NozinanReview by @Nozinan

2nd Aug 2016


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Barrel 828 Warehouse H Rick #29 Bottle 86 Batch marking: B1426709:38J Dumped Sept. 19, 2014 51.5%

This is my first Blanton’s expression. It carries no age statement but online research suggests it may be between 8-10 years old. The official website provides some interesting information:

Still Proof (new-make): 70% Barreling proof (newmake): 62.5% The staves were air dried 6 months Number 4 char Chill filtered

Apparently this is not available domestically (US), except in some travel retail stores. It is mostly found, I understand, in the European market, but the LCBO had it available in stores for what seemed like a week, tops.

I opened the bottle 8 days ago at a tasting. It was about 85% full and preserved with gas.

This expression is reviewed in my usual manner, allowing it to settle after which I take my nosing and tasting notes, followed by the addition of a few drops of water, waiting, then nosing and tasting.


Neat – Soft Caramel, some vanilla, some fruity notes, then after covering I get some brown, Demerara sugar. A very typical bourbon profile and very pleasant. 22/25

With water – brings out the fruit a little and I get some ripe pear, and with time the nose becomes very fruity indeed. (22/25)


Neat – A little thin on the mouthfeel. Vanilla and caramel, molasses, becomes fruity in the development. Very Smooth. Tasty. 22/25

With water (and 20-30 min)– The oakiness recedes and it becomes a little sweeter, very fruity. (23/25)

Finish: Dry, the oak is quite prominent, and lasts a long time. 22/25 Water shortens the finish and makes it sweeter and less oaky. (22/25)

Balance: Very balanced, drinkable whisky. Perhaps a little underpowered. 21/25

Score: Neat - 87 /100 With Water: 88/100

With and without water (just a few drops to a half dram) these are two extremely different whiskies. I normally don't add water to my bourbons but I did it just for the review and I discovered something extraordinary. There are few whiskies that transform so much with just a few drops.

In the end I think I prefer it with a little water, and I think this means I'll be experimenting with adding a little water to future bourbons I try.

Now if only they could have bottled this at CASK STRENGTH......

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maltmate302 commented

Very nice review @Nozinan.Thanks for including the stave information, I found that very interesting.I'm a little surprised that ,at 51.5%, you found it a little underpowered. What you need to try is the Straight From The Barrel version at cask strength, that should be a lot more to your liking.

6 years ago 0

Nozinan commented

@maltmate302 I have had the good fortune to have some higher proof bourbons such as Stagg, Weller, Booker's, even OGD 114. What I find is that when the spirit is diluted, not only the flavour becomes thinner (and that may be ok if the flavour remains robust) but the mouthfeel changes as well.

Just like (most of the time) for this expression, the Straight from the Barrel (which sounds delicious) is (all of the time) not available in Canada. However I do have a 30 cc sample from Master of Malt that I hope to try in the future...

6 years ago 0

Pete1969 commented

@Nozinan Totally agree with @maltmate302 if you want an enriched mouthfeel the SFTB will hit the mark all the flavour with a punch from the ABV fortunate that this can still be shipped from Europe to Uk at minute always put it on a bourbon bulk order when I buy a shipment in.

I would suggest opening it for a comparison if you still have the gold left it will blow your socks off, just a tip open the sample a couple of weeks before and get some oxygen on it you will really benefit from it. When I have first opened a bottle it is usually a bit closed but four weeks later usually kicks butt.

6 years ago 0

Nozinan commented

Tonight I definitely get cinnamon and baking spices that I don't think were as prominent when I did the review. And after adding a few drops of water it gets more peppery and washes out some of the fruit flavour. Funny, my review says i liked it better with water.

It seems to be developing over time...

Apples on the palate after 10-15 min, granny smith to be specific. Interesting.

5 years ago 1Who liked this?

Nozinan commented

Tonight in a Facetime tasting with @paddockjudge (both tasting from the same barrel), I get cherry and some banana underneath that, about 30 minutes with air. Compared with the original, the flavour is bolder and I get a longer "bourbon" finish. Strong butterscotch flavour on the development, @paddockjudge pointed out the irony of tasting Werther's originals in the *Gold** but not in the Original.

4 years ago 1Who liked this?

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