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Blanton's Special Reserve

A Day At The Races!!

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@SquidgyAshReview by @SquidgyAsh

11th Apr 2012


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So I recently came across a bourbon called Blanton's Special Reserve in my local bottle shop that I'd never seen before. I checked my whisky bible and checked my ever trusty friend Connosr to see what others thought of it and saw that it had gotten some good reviews. So I decided to give it a try. I'm REALLY glad I did!

The nose, like all good bourbons is quite sweet with hints of honey, vanilla, some spicy oak and oddly enough red vine licorice. (Is this just me or are more bourbons having that nose and flavor in them lately!?) I got to be honest I'm REALLY loving and digging on the red licorice on the nose!

Time to taste!!

Sweet and spicy!! Vanilla and oak are in my mouth, but what's really jumping up and down on my taste buds is that lovely red licorice!! This lovely red licorice is something I've only encountered in bourbons in Australia and mind you it could be that my palate is improving or it could be that the Aussies are stealing alot of my fun and sweet bourbons! If they are it's time for war because this bourbon is AWESOME!! And a steal at $45 bucks!

The finish is long with quite abit of spice and a little lingering sweetness running through it.

A good bourbon shouldn't break your bank to buy it and the nice thing is Blanton's Special Reserve doesn't. It's not the best bourbon in the world, but it would likely be a bourbon that I would be happy to introduce a whisky beginner to!

Let The Races Begin!!!

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Frost commented

@SquidgyAsh a good review.

I tried this one yesterday, I rather liked it. Good price point considering the price of things around here.

6 years ago 0

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