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Bowmore 15 Year Old Laimrig batch 1

Sharpest Darkest

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28th Jun 2013


Bowmore 15 Year Old Laimrig batch 1
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(This Laimrig commemorated Feis Ile 2011.)

First vapor: Cherry-cedar and leather.

Nose: Sharp bitter dark chocolate or dark roasted coffee beans. Further breathing shows toasted walnuts, dates, and orange peel. Even more breathing brings out salty toffee as the dominant character with cherry (the other scents remain, as accents).

Palate: Spash of sour dark cherry, maybe a touch of pleasant bitterness (cinders and cedar-- and darkest chocolate). It is rich and becomes peppery with ginger. Walnut comes in, while the cherry turns to red apple and the ginger turns to clove.

Finish: Peppery clove with toasted walnut, and maybe dates. Long lasting impression of plums stewing with burnt clove.

No doubt that this is the "grown up" version of the Bowmore 15 Darkest expression. Drinking them side-by-side, the Darkest's aroma almost seems mellow-- softly and roundly sweet, rather than sharp. The Laimrig's palate is firmer and has a bit more ash, but it cuts down on the cedar and other less welcome bitters. It also seems fruitier and nuttier, which I appreciate. A couple drops of water preserve all the good character, while softening both the aroma's astringency and the palate's hot ginger. And vanilla is brought out in both these stages, welcomingly. I think this is where the dram is enjoyed best: more concentrated than the Darkest, but just a tad more relaxed than the full Laimrig impact.

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