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Bowmore 15 Year Old Laimrig batch 1

Bulked-up Darkest.

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@Nemesis101Review by @Nemesis101

24th Jan 2014


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I have finally obtained a bottle of this most elusive Bowmore expression. Having heard such good things about and after searching for well over a year I'm really looking to sampling this.

Soft sweet ripe red fruits dominate the nose with raisins in there and cherries - very clearly sherry. Woodsmoke then drifts over it before a treacle edge makes an appearance. Becomes sweeter, mellower and more pudding-like after time. (I should say a tiny drop of water has been added).

More of the same on the palate but it all arrives at once, minus the smokiness which holds off at first. Treacle pudding flavoured with ripe fruits. Or is it more like Christmas pudding flavoured with treacle? Quite chewy. We then get a really intense classic Bowmore smoke - much more so than on the Darkest, (which despite being a long-time favourite of mine tastes like pure syrup in comparison).

Finish - unexpectedly bitter at first! Not that good TBH. 2nd attempt - smoky but with a bit more sweet fruit there. But still a bitter edge. Quite drying, medium-long. 3rd attempt, (10 mins later) provides a much nicer finish with the bitterness only very subtle. (*note to self - remember to let whiskies breathe for a few minutes.)

Well was it worth the wait - definitely. Did it live up to expectations - just about. Worth the price, (£90) - it's overpriced but I was prepared to pay it for the opportunity. I do think £70 would be more reasonable however.

Anyway this is Bowmore Darkest on steroids. A much more robust whisky yet still with enough subtleties to keep your interest up.

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Onlyhalfmad commented

Nice review, I love the stuff and beats the Devil's cask in my opinion. Agee that £90 is pushing it (don't think this is anywhere near the RRP?). Is this batch 3?

6 years ago 0

Nemesis101 commented

Yep Batch 3 (I think) - this year's release. The Whisky Exchange looked to have sold out in about a week however so glad I grabbed one when I did.

I would really like to try Devil's Cask too if I can ever find a bottle. But not for stupid money.

6 years ago 0

Nozinan commented

Last year's still available in Calgary. Good stuff. Liked it MUCH better than the darkest

6 years ago 0

vanPelt commented

Has it really been 7 months since my review-- and my last drop? Too long. This was excellent. @Nozinan What is the price in Calgary? If anyone can find a good friend in Sweden (one of few recipient countries), I saw their price is <65 GBP. (And that's even in a land of very high alcohol tax.) It would be nice to see this as widely available as the Darkest. And it would be nice to see the global "law of one price" manifested.

6 years ago 0

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