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Bruichladdich 3D Moine Mhor 2nd Edition

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Bruichladdich 3D Moine Mhor 2nd Edition

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Bruichladdich 3D Moine Mhor 2nd Edition

I should confess a love of the Bruichladdich 3D bottling and have two versions currently open and a 3D infinity awaiting a special occasion. I assume the Port Charlotte series carry on this line of development in the current rebranding of this distilleries products(?) Suffice to say I’m too tight to spring for an Octomore, yet... The lightness of the malt combined with the clean phenolic whiff is very refreshing, not as heavy as the south shore distilleries and significantly different from the earthy Bowmore located across the loch. Nose: Clean phenolic smoke, apples, hints of lighter fluid (but in a nice way).
Taste: Sweet medium mouth feel, smoky and earthy with hints of cocoa, vanilla and apples. Finish: Clean finish, slightly salty, not long but refined.

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