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Bruichladdich 6 Year Old 2006 Bere Barley


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3rd Jan 2014


Bruichladdich 6 Year Old 2006 Bere Barley
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Bere is an old type of barley of six rows, that is being harvested anew on farms on Orkney, but also on the Shetlands, Caithness and a few crofters on the Western Isles such as Barra, Benbecula, North Uist and South Uist and recently also on Islay. It is probably the oldest type of barley being grown in Scotland. And both Arran and Bruichladdich have released a Bere Barley expression last year. We will try the Arran version later, but the Islay version now. The bere was produced at the Kynagarry Farm.

The nose is all grain. Breakfast cereals. White bread. Oatmeal. Semolina. Apple juice. Pear drops. Graeffe cassonade. Grass. Hay. A bit floral. Wilde flowers in a field. Nuts, too. Devoid of spices. Well, a hint of vanilla. Completely atypical and in all honest a bit strange. Needs some getting used to.

It becomes more expressive on the palate. The nuts and white fruit return instantly, but again it is alla bout the grain. Sweetened now. Cornflakes with crystal sugar. Juniper berries! Again a slice of white bread comes to mind. Semolina, indeed! Much more spices now. Is this what they tend to call close to the grain? Undoubtedly.

The finish is rather short, on citrus and a buttered sandwich with sugar.

It probably has to grow on you. Very special. Quite entertaining in that regard. But not a great whisky in my book.

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