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Bruichladdich Octomore Discovery Quadruple Distilled

Another fine trick from Jim's hat!!

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@WhiskyAndMeReview by @WhiskyAndMe

29th Jun 2014


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One of the reason why I am big fan of the Octomore series is the sheer brilliance of Master Distiller Jim McEwan to bring out a set of expressions where the ridiculously high peat levels in the young spirit get camouflaged by an array of excellent notes on the nose, palate and the finish. This time though Jim has gone ahead and added a completely new twist to the tale by taking the spirit through a unique quadruple distillation process and then maturing it for 7 years in an Oloroso cask to bring out, what is in my opinion, an Octomore that is completely unique in comparison to any of its predecessors.

You know it’s unique because the moment you bring it to your nose you are greeted by an uncharacteristic but extremely pleasant sweetness. It’s almost like you were taken to the warehouse where the whisky was matured and were made to stand right next to sherry cask in which the spirit lay and the lovely smells of sweet sherry and the wood from the cask fill the air. What then follows are lots of lemon and pear and more sweetness from candy. Given the fact that this an Octomore your nose does go looking for the peat and the iodine that do eventually make a guest appearance but you’ve really got to be patient to catch them. Adding a bit of water also brought out some coffee notes for me.

As soon as the whisky hits your tongue it’s the sweetness again that comes first.. more powdered sugar though. This is when finally the peat makes a full fledged appearance.. but then the dosage is absolutely spot on.. there is also a bit of dryness coupled with a fair sprinkling of peppery spice that begins to develop as you roll it in your mouth. I have to say though this is one extremely smooth and creamy spirit.. and its just lovely.

Finally the finish is fairly long … nice amounts of peat once again.. still not overdoing anything.. along with a smooth velvety finish possibly from the Oloroso.

At 69.5% ABV this is one whisky that has a lot of character, isn’t overpowering at all.. instead extremely smooth in its delivery and balance.

As I mentioned at the start this is a completely uncharacteristic Octomore.. and that for some could be the only downside there is to this expression given that they expect a certain flavor profile from this series.. For me though it just worked superbly and as usual I continue to be a fan of Jim and the Octomore..Slainte!

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