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Bruichladdich Octomore Edition X4+10 Concept 0.2 162ppm

F*ck You Very Much

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@markjedi1Review by @markjedi1

10th May 2020


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Will you look at this? Another Octomore that was hyped so much that it sold out in a flash and fetches almost 400 EUR at auctions – which is ridiculously expensive for a 50cl bottle of a ten years old malt. This is what I call a f*ck you whisky. Even the original price tag of 175 EUR was crazy, but let’s focus on the contents for now. This Octomore was quadruple distilled and is a vatting of bourbon, sherry and wine casks.

The nose is obviously prickled at first because of the monstrous ABV, but this certainly is not peaty. It is mostly sweet and fruity on vanilla (and quite a bit at that), butter cream, marzipan and banana, followed by a handful of nuts, pineapple cubes and biscuit pie. Some citrus fruit follows with some late coconut in milk chocolate. Very delicate smoke underlines the fruity character of this Octomore and I think it’s is mostly due to the wine casks. For a moment I am reminded of a dusty log cabin in the mountains… now where did that come from?

It would be a bit silly to say this is quaffable, but on the other hand the alcohol is integrated so well, that I don’t feel like I’m sipping a bomb. That’s craftmanship alright. On the palate I first get some rotting wood followed by the sweet fruit from the nose, but also a light salty note. The development of smoke is lovely, without overpowering the fruit – which can by now be called almost tropical: raisins, mandarin, mango, banana, pineapple, apricots and coconut. The nuts return – in my book either almonds or macadamia – while vanilla appears out of nowhere and slowly but surely starts to dominate, while ginger and chili peppers play second fiddle. It works! This is absolutely outstanding.

The finish is intense and elegant at the same time, warm then soft, while constantly sweet and smoky. Dry oak at the death. Impressive.

Indeed an impressive experiment of the boys at Bruichladdich, but obviously way too expensive for what you get. F*ck you very much. And thanks a lot for the sample, Anthony!

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