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Bruichladdich octomore farm 2009

Nice and Lactic Private bottling of Octomore

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@galgReview by @galg

6th Dec 2017


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Octomore Farm 2009 [private cask bottling] DECEMBER 6, 2017GAL GRANOV 0 A few days ago, I met a bunch of good friends, who appreciate good whisky for our monthly dramming session which happens to take place on the first Monday of each month , this time the Theme was ‘Octomore’, and we had quite a few i am about to review in the next few posts. This was the only private Octomore bottling we tried (as the rest were OBs from 6.1 to 8.3), and i was quite intrigued by it, naturally. This Octomore was distilled Feb 2009, and bottled on December 2016, making it a 7 yo whisky, bottled 62.1 % Vol.

Nose: Very lactic (sour milk) to start with as this is a text-book Laddie nose (with all the Octomore goodness, of course) vanilla, with some mint, as well as farmy notes , some salted caramel, and a sweet undertone. It will benefit from water, but water does bring out more of the lactic qualities; so, beware.

Palate: Big phenolic heaven, sweet, pungent , and feisty, a mouthful of peat, some vanilla, and hints of wet paper / cardboard, more mint, and a grain of salt that works well with the sweet condensed milk and lactic feeling. Not very complex, but quite enjoyable.

Finish: Sweet smoke, more peaty/ashy notes, drying.

A rather tasty (and super lactic) Octomore, not a lot of complexity, but a lot of fun. There are better OBs out there for sure. But, a lovely label

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