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Bunnahabhain Toiteach

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Bunnahabhain Toiteach

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Bunnahabhain Toiteach

Toiteach means ‘smoky’ in Gaelic and was launched in 2008. It is a blend of younger, peated and some older, unpeated whisky.

The nose is very milky and ‘farmy’ to begin with: cereal and porridge are the dominant flavours, until peat smoke starts to emerge. After a while there is a whiff of apples, really faint. Very clean and a bit simple.

The palate is medium-bodied, salty and dry. The peat smoke is now more prominent, together with more apple flavours, cereal, some vanilla and a touch of caramel. Just like the nose, the palate is very clean and almost transparent in nature.

The finish is of medium length, salty and just a tad spicy. The smoke lingers and complements the wood spice and pepper notes that have come up.

Toiteach is a young, clean and rather smoky Bunnahabhain. I wonder what the outcome would have been if the master distiller had used 100% peated malt to create it. A lovely and vibrant expression, just a bit simple.


I didn't have a lot of Bunnahabhain but I usually have a vegetable note that I don't like, something like boiled cabbage. But not with this one.

Toiteach means smoky, so its name is a program in itself. Is it up to it? Lets see. The reviewed bottle has been opened for close to two months and is 80% full.

The nose offers smoke, citrus, hay, eucalyptus, a load of salt, vanilla and light peat. There is also some light sherry notes like plum and a very light nutmeg.

The palate is more ashy, oily and with vanilla butter. The peat is light, herbal and meaty.When first opened, the palate translate more the sherry notes but now the ash and meaty parts are proeminent. there is also more sweetness to it.

The finish brings the ash forward and the eucalyptus is revisiting before fading. At the end you have a nice contrasting act between some bitter mineral notes and a sweetness that lost gradually is vanilla flavor. I like it, but I like dry finish more than the average whisky drinker.

Conclusion: The balance is good. Freshly opened, it was more complex, but even if the flavors are simple now, the are very good and very Islay. This whisky is a lot like a simple meal made with first quality ingredients. There is something very honest about it.

Thank you @Robert99, for nice review. I've had this and I think you're spot on in your conclusion about it being honest and up-front. What you see is what you get. In a good way...


First and fore most, I must say, I'm a big Bunnahabhain fan. That being said, I already know I'm going to like this dram.

The bottle has been opened for about six weeks and I poured half a teaspoon of water.

Nose: Sweet peat, bananas, lemons, smoke, vanilla, oak.

Palate: Sweet peat arrives first. Then, Rushing through comes vanilla custard along with bananas, lemons and soft brine. And then that typical, sweet creaminess of Bunnahabhain. Yummy!

Finish: Tar and iodine is kept in check. A crescendo of that Bunna sweetness envelops the palate which then turns to leather with traces of milk chocolate in the back of the tongue.

This reminds me of Ardbeg 10, but not as lemony, and creamier.

I really liked this one aswell, nice peat


This is my second peated Bunnahabhain, the first one being Young & Feisty by Douglas Laing, which I quite liked but perhaps was a bit too much on the young side.

Toiteach is better in all regards. The price in Norway (which at one point was lower than the UK, not sure if it still is) makes it a natural comparison to Laphroaig's Quarter Cask. I will not do a comparative review, but I'll say right now that if I did, QC would come out on top by only a small amount.

Nose: I'm immediately met with a warm, welcoming fruity sweetness, akin to sherry notes. After a few minutes in the glass, smoke and salt is making its way into the mix. I'll admit there are fusel alcohol notes to be found in the nose, implying a young age, but they are in no way unpleasant or dominant. After a while, I also found pleasant notes of leather.

I don't think I've ever had a glass of Toiteach and thought to myself "yep, same as last time". I'll admit my nose have been a bit off at times, but not every time. To me, this makes Toiteach interesting, while some might describe this as unbalanced, I'd rather call it enjoyable.

Taste: Sherry sweetness, a faint taste of chocolate. Pepper and smoke.

Finish: A delicious sweetness balanced against smoke, pepper and unripe plums.

With a splash of water, the sherry influence is more easily recognized, but without the whisky in any way being too sweet. I found the smoke and peppery notes to be somewhat more powerful, and more pleasant.

Comment: Balanced? Perhaps not, but not in a way that to me made this unpleasant in any way. I think Bunnahabhain certainly has proved they can make solid peated whisky.

Bunnahabhain is quickly becoming a favorite.

Interesting (and reliable? I think so) info on Bunnahabhain's modern peated runs is here:


I've only had a single barrel IB from 1997, which I wasn't too hot about (too grassy). I'm pretty keen to try some more, though. I'd probably get one of these-here Toiteachs if I were doing an order from an online seller that has a decent price. No way am I paying the $90 that local shops want for it.

I enjoyed reading that, thanks! I'm interested in the Ceòbanach, but it is too expensive for me at the moment. Hopefully before the run is over unless the price skyrockets. Yeah, Toiteach is on the pricy side, from what I can tell. Here I give the same for a CQ so it makes little difference one bottle to or from. Hopeyou get to try it, @OlJas


Warm thick sweet mouth coating arrival develops a strong and balanced fruit and vegetable smoke laden finish

@OlJas thanks for checking out my review. To answer your question yes this spirit is a barn burner, at 46% abv this one was tamped down with a few drops of water. Try it I think you will like it though not at cask strength this is still a very good dram. Thanks again for your input and good luck with your whisky journey. :)

Funny, more words in your reply to the comment than in the original review...


This was a lovely whisky. One of the smokiest Ive tried from Islay. This is a bit younger than the 12 year old, but That extra peatiness, freshness is working very vell. No colour and no chillfiltration. Very nice..

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