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Bunnahabhain 14 Year Old Pedro Ximenez Finish

Average score from 2 reviews and 2 ratings 84

Bunnahabhain 14 Year Old Pedro Ximenez Finish

Product details

  • Brand: Bunnahabhain
  • Bottler: Distillery Bottling
  • ABV: 52.6%
  • Bottles: 761

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Bunnahabhain 14 Year Old Pedro Ximenez Finish

This Limited Release from Bunnahabhain was distilled on the 24th March 2003 and bottled on 21st June 2017, making it a 14 year old. It matured on 2nd fill sherry casks and was then finished for 3 (!) years on PX casks. That explains the beautiful, bronze color.

Nose carefully, because the first whiff is full of alcohol. Then I get some lovely maritime notes with delicious candied fruit. Think blood oranges, peach, apricot, prunes, raisins and a truckload of fresh figs. Some nuts kick in, pecan and hazel to the fore. Some cooked ham as well, sniffing tobacco and milk chocolate. Dying wood, too. What a beautiful, complex nose!

The arrival is sturdy and spicy, but then it turns very sweet immediately. Prunes, apricots and figs again, but in a wonderful marmalade. No trace of the nuts, but all the more sweetness in the guise of crème brûlée and even some cassis. Wonderfully dark and sweet with a touch of tannins and even a salty edge. Complex on the palate as well. Very luring but dangerously quaffable.

The finish is very long, shows a warm smokiness and remains sweet until the death.

Lovely dark and sweet Bunna. Around 100 EUR. Recommended! Thanks, Marcel.

Everyone across the whisky web is going gaga for this.


Last night, I got off work and decided to head to Paddy's, a bar in Portland with a large selection that serves it's Whisky in a proper nosing glass. A huge plus.

Having come to a place in my walk with Whisky where I felt it was time to explore what Islay has to offer, I decided to start with the Bunnahabhain 12, having heard it was light and approachable. So the bartender poured me a healthy dram and left the bottle with me to explore. Class act. According to the bottle, it's an Islay pronounced "Bu-na-ha-venn." Go figure!

Nose: Not at ALL what I was expecting. When I think Islay, I think smoke and peat. That was not the case. My first approach was subtle, smooth, damp. Very interesting. Very tame for 46% ABV. I got notes of wet wood, orchard fruits, some light earthiness and a definitely undertone of orchard fruits. Very, very pleasant. 15 minutes in and hazelnut becomes much more prevalent.

Palate: Are we SURE this is Islay? Very welcoming and soft! Leather, fruits, wood, and with time I get hazelnut. Some light smoke. I'm a fan of this.

Finish: Long, heavy but soft, just like the tone of this entire dram. Some hazelnut, orchard fruits and driftwood continue on the end. I'm telling ya, this was pretty damn enjoyable. I'd go back for more.

Balance: This dram, from start to finish, is good. Not amazing, but good. It's balanced, fresh, flavorful. A solid everyday drinker.

Hey everyone, I wrote this for the wrong bottle... meant for the Bunnahahbain 12, not this. How can I delete this review?? Thanks!

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