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Connemara Peated

Banana-Seaweed Delight

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@OJKReview by @OJK

29th Jul 2010


Connemara Peated
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Nose, Taste, Finish and Balance are graded out of 2.5 each:

Nose: This is of course an Irish peated whiskEy, however once the word peat is involved, immediately we're thinking Islay scotch whisky. The nose is certainly Islay in character, in that we have the unmistakeable iodine and seaweed character, however it is sweeter than most of the famous Islay malts such as Ardbeg or Laphroaig. I'd say it could be more closely compared with Bowmore, in that it has that candied kipper quality, but even then it stands quite apart. I'd even say it has some banana in there, and mixed with the seaweed aroma I can assure it's quite unexpectedly delicious. Perhaps a new smoothie recipe. 2.5

Taste: Very smooth and creamy, however the peaty spice soon kicks in. Not at all unpleasant, however a sharp contrast to the soft nose. 1.5

Finish: A banana-seaweed cough sweet finish. I'm getting quite hooked on the combination I have to say. The peaty spice is still there to keep us alert, however it is an all together soothing experience, even if perhaps a little short. 2.0

Balance: The peaty-sweet combination is a most compelling one, and I have to say very deftly balanced one. Connemara certainly deserves to be judged in the same league as its Islay counterparts, while at the same time offering a unique flavour structure that also allows it to be judged on its own very fine merits. 2.0

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jeanluc commented

I know it's all down to local techniques but I'm surprised that peat didn't embed itself into Irish whiskey making more abundantly. There is no shortage of the stuff out there!

This is one of my favourite Irish whiskeys.

13 years ago 0

dbk commented

Lovely review, @OJK. I am a big fan of the Connemara Cask Strength Peated; I think it's absolutely magical. I'd like to give this one a taste to compare—but maybe that's like comparing apples to apples-on-steroids.

13 years ago 0

OJK commented

@jean-luc, it's a good point, i hadn't really thought of it. with all the peat, as well as the coastal distilleries, you would have imagined there would be more peated whiskeys. perhaps as a nation they have a sweeter tooth! it's a shame as the connemara is such good whiskey, so they definitely know how to make the stuff!

@dbk, yeah I saw that the cask-strength won at the world whisky awards, so was very tempted to get that bottle instead, but thought that the standard bottling would be a more faithful first introduction to the connemara. I'm definitely now going to have to get the cask strength bottling, i'm looking forward the apples-on-steroids!

13 years ago 0

drinix commented

I'm having a dram of Connemara Peated right now and one of the things I've noticed is that, once tasted, it really hits, much more than the 40% ABV would have let you think. I like. Anyway, I think the review of @OJK is spot on, the nose is in fact all on fruits and sweet peat. Even more restrained than the gentler Islay malts (on the nose).

13 years ago 0

OJK commented

Am glad you enjoyed it @drinix! Connemara is one of my personal favourites, and certainly deserves both to be judged in the same category as the Islay malts, but also has enough distinct character to be judged on its own individual merits. If you haven't already I highly recommend the rest of the range, particularly the Turf Mor. That one certainly hits!

13 years ago 0

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