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Convalmore 1984 / 32 Year Old / Special Releases 2017

Please sir, Convalmore of this?

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21st May 2018


Convalmore 1984 / 32 Year Old / Special Releases 2017
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I am a blessed man. My jokes suck, yet I am still lucky enough to have met some generous people who love to share drams, and in turn inspire me to try and do the same. It's that little something that makes the whisky community where I live a joy to be in. One of the people who have helped me discover my passion for whisky is none other than a fellow named Dave who runs the whisky section of the locally infamous Willow Park Wine & Spirits. Few others have made the same impact that Dave has on my whisky journey, and for that I can never be thankful enough. Dave also has a tendency to be more generous than usual when my darling wife is with me. Perhaps he knows that she ought to be rewarded for waiting on me whilst I feed my addiction in the worst possible way (she usually gets a glass of whisky of her own, and it's usually filled higher than mine), or perhaps it's his subtle way of showing that if she's going to wait around, at least she knows the stuff we're tasting is well worth taking the time. Either way, a shout out to my wife at this point is due. Like I said earlier, I am a blessed man. Enough with the preamble, let's talk the whisky. One of these aforementioned afternoons where my wife allowed me to peruse the store, Dave walked up and said to me: "You guys have to try this". He led us over to the tasting area and brought out the Convalmore 32 from the Diageo 2017 special releases, and it was stunning. I don't know what I did to deserve a chance to taste this, but wow, not gonna question it. Just going to be happy I get to.

Nose: Fruit bomb. Citrus fruits, sweet oranges, pears, peaches. Starts to develop into bakery goods, pastry sweetness (danish), old whisky aroma, honey, then finally I get a good dose of a smell that reminds me of the frosting on my wedding cake - it was a homemade cake and it was amazing - the frosting was light and fluffy like air, and had the perfect balance of sweetness, not overly sweet but just enough to be appreciated. Plus, a reminder of the day I got married, what's not happy about that?

Palate: doughy, creamy, fruits, opens up into the most delicious fruit snack you've ever tasted... like a fruity juice that feels like silk on your tongue. This is ridiculous. I nearly wept. Has a hint of beautiful waxiness that you'd get from a well made Clynelish. This just made me weak in the knees.

Finish: bit of spice, more mouth caressingly soft fruit.

I would never be able to afford such a thing. To be able to taste this means I'm one of the luckiest people in the world. Thanks Dave, words cannot express to you how grateful I am for this.

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