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Dalmore 18 Year Old

Proper Warming

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31st Jan 2020


Dalmore 18 Year Old
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Nose: Normally I normally don't get the Dalmore chocolate for some reason, which is a terrible shame because people have always told me how special. I get the chocolate here. Was worth the wait. Freaky how "solid" if smells, it doesn't smell like liquid chocolate like I expected. More than a touch of Christmas; a little zip of citrus.

Mouth: Yessss, chocolate and the rest, liquid this time or more liquid, which makes sense to be sure, more citrus and a jet of coffee quality street or some other little sweetie you unwrap. Feels full without being even slightly overwhelming.

After: Dries off a little too heavily for me personally, becomes woody. Probably after the rocking experience of the dram in nose and mouth it's a little bit underwhelming, BUT it goes on and on and I always enjoy that.

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