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Dewars Blended Scotch Whisky 1.5l

Average score from 4 reviews and 13 ratings 73

Dewars Blended Scotch Whisky 1.5l

Product details

  • Brand: Dewars
  • Bottler: Unknown
  • ABV: 40.0%

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Dewars Blended Scotch Whisky 1.5l

The reviewed bottle was of the US release 1.75 L size, had been for open 2 days four months ago, was down to 0.5 L, and had been decanted to a smaller bottle for those four months prior to re-tasting. This review will be a balance of original and current flavours

Nose: vanilla, citrus-cum-apple-smelling Aberfeldy malt, light wine around the edges, a little wood spice, and just a modest hint of edgy wheat "grain" whisky. This nose is much stronger now than when the bottle was just opened, but the quality and balance of the flavours is only fair. The nose of the newly opened bottle was very light and understated

Taste: the translation of flavours to the mouth is pretty complete in the 4 months opened bottle. Four months after bottle opening the citrus and apple flavours from the Aberfeldy malt are much stronger and more opened up than they were at first, but at this point both the lemon citrus and apple flavours taste more of spoiled fruit. In the beginning the flavours were quite muted and understated. All things considered I prefer the flavours of Dewar's White Label in their muted 'un-opened' state to what the bottle tastes now

Finish: at first, pretty muted, showing mostly bundled citrusy malt flavours; at four months the finish shows a lot of sour rotten lemons, with a hint of wine in the background. My advice: drink Dewar's White Label fresh

Balance: I was pretty surprised at just how badly this particular bottle deteriourated in just 4 months, and even with an early low-air decanting. If I were grading the 'just opened' and 'four months later' samples, I would have given them 76 and 66 respectively. I've never bought a full bottle of Dewars White Label for myself, but I can enjoy this whisky in its recent incarnations as 'Light Fare' blended Scotch. Most of my experiences with Dewar's White Label have been better, but only a little better, than what is relayed in this review


This was the hardest review for me to do. Dewars was my frist whisky. Trying to grade this one without all the sentimentality of my youth in service creeping in was harder to do than I thought. Just as Glenfiddich was my first single malt, Dewars was my first blended whisky. Vanilla, Creamy, Citrus arival gives way to medium lenght heavy veggie, wood finish.


This is one of four minis I bought while I was in N.C. while visiting a friend who came back from serving our country in Afghanistan. Apparently N.C. has state run stores (didn't know that ). Anyways starting with No.1the others will follow shortly...

Nose: After I allowed it to breathe I came across a variety of sweet smelling fruit (peach mostly and apples), a bit of wood, barley, also a bit of citrus.

Body/Taste: Light-medium leaning towards medium body, vanilla, a bit of honey, oak, its a little crisp apparently this blend as 40 different components all centered around the Aberfeldy single malt.

Finish: Medium herbal ending and warming not the smoothest ending I kind of like J.W. Red better.

Upcoming review No.2 of 4 will be J.W. Black 12 year.

Very tame stuff, you might even say anemic. Just about as mild a blend as I've ever seen.

I agree I would have no trouble to go as far as saying it was boring


Golden amber in the glass; a moderate nose of vanilla extract and nutmeg; medium bodied; an extraordinary palate of silky honey backed by hints of citrus and oak char; giving way to sweet mocha, somehow expertly balanced and in no way out of place.

That the finish is at once malt giving way to key lime pie doesn’t change the fact that this is a very good and subtle blend that seems to have improved greatly in recent bottling. At $20, it gets even better. The only caveat: it IS an absolutely SWEET dram, which may put some off.

Dewar's White Label was the first scotch I really liked that I could afford on a regular basis. There are plenty of other 'value' brands out there who are competitive, many which I do like as well (Walker, Grouse, Grant's), but none are as close to my heart as a bottle of Dewar's.

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