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Dewar's White Label

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Dewar's White Label

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Dewar's White Label

My Scotch taste typically runs to the Islays, with some Highlands thrown in for good measure. But sometimes on those steamy summer days, those whiskies are just too heavy. Upon recommendation of my Father In Law, I gave Dewar's White Label a try, and I can say I was wonderfully and pleasantly surprised. I had it on the rocks on a hot day, and it was just perfect. Now this is no major complex whisky, with many layers of flavor and a long lingering aftertaste. It's slightly smoky, lots of malt, and some notes of honey and some hints of grass and other florals. I had it in a tall cocktail glass, with lots of ice. I let it sit for just a few minutes and then couldn't put it down. Having it on the rocks with no mixers is a wonderful drink on a warm evening. I may try it with a splash of soda and a squeeze of lemon next time. I believe I paid about $18 for this bottle, and at that price it's a bargain.

@Hewie I haven’t had Teacher’s. What is it like compared to Dewar’s?

@mhock66, thanks for your review. I've had some Dewar's White Label which was great too.

Do be aware that because Dewar's White Label is a mass-market product that the batches can vary a lot. I've also had Dewar's White which wasn't great, in fact it was pretty bad.

If you find a cheap-o whisky like Dewar's White which releases a great batch, double-down and buy more of the same batch for future consumption. A great batch of an inexpensive whisky is one of the best buying opportunities available. Those opportunities come and go. The next batch may not be to your liking.

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