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Dewar's White Label

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Dewar's White Label

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Dewar's White Label

Well, since I have some time (too much time), let's do a few Dewars. Or should I say, Dew a Few Dewars? How's that for branding, eh??

This is their current White Label bottling, which has what I presume is a batch number (CR-0078) and a bottle code (L19332ZA102 1250). Their entry level bottling is blended from up to 40 malt and grain whiskies, with an emphasis on Aberfeldy (and likely the other Bacardi malts: Aultmore, Craigellachie, Royal Brackla and Macduff).

The colour is a pale gold. On the nose it's full-on heather honey, marzipan, melon, baked apple and lemon pith. Slightly floral. Mildly spicy with cinnamon. Easy, approachable nose; don't bother adding water.

Fruitier on the palate, and maltier than you might think for an entry-level blend. A touch spicier with some chili, but mostly it's Anjou pear, cantaloupe and grapefruit, while continuing on with the honey theme. Creamy mouthfeel, but dryer with water. Quite decent.

The finish is long and dry with a bit of oak and black pepper. A good standard blend to keep around the house, it's neither outstanding nor astringent or off-putting. Smooth, fruity with some honey and a bit of spice to liven things up. Now, according to the label, "Dewar's Never Varies". But what if we took a time machine back to the 1960s....


My Scotch taste typically runs to the Islays, with some Highlands thrown in for good measure. But sometimes on those steamy summer days, those whiskies are just too heavy. Upon recommendation of my Father In Law, I gave Dewar's White Label a try, and I can say I was wonderfully and pleasantly surprised. I had it on the rocks on a hot day, and it was just perfect. Now this is no major complex whisky, with many layers of flavor and a long lingering aftertaste. It's slightly smoky, lots of malt, and some notes of honey and some hints of grass and other florals. I had it in a tall cocktail glass, with lots of ice. I let it sit for just a few minutes and then couldn't put it down. Having it on the rocks with no mixers is a wonderful drink on a warm evening. I may try it with a splash of soda and a squeeze of lemon next time. I believe I paid about $18 for this bottle, and at that price it's a bargain.

I really enjoyed a bottle of Teacher's Highland Cream over a large chunk of ice (to reduce dilution) last summer. Nothing wrong with a blend on ice on a hot day.

I do prefer Teacher's to Dewar's White Label.

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