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FOOD, man cannot live by whisky alone.

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By @paddockjudge @paddockjudge on 20th Jan 2019, show post

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YakLord replied

@OdysseusUnbound Recipe: meatboutique.ca/recipes/2018/…

Instead of 2oz of whisky I used a 1/2oz of Top Shelf Reunion Maple Moonshine, a 1/2oz of Top Shelf Reunion Butter Tart Moonshine, and 1oz of Wild Turkey Russell's Reserve, and I reduced the bacon by two strips and subbed in a chopped up pecan butter tart.

Also, the Butter Tart Festival in Midland is something I've been wanting to go to for years. Hopefully next year!

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@YakLord I may have to try that recipe. I've never made my own ice cream but there's a first time for everything. If you make it out to Midland next year, let me know; we can meet up for a dram or two.

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YakLord replied

@Nozinan I'm good with anything, but prefer pecan, and a semi-runny inside.

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@Nozinan It’s not a butter tart if it doesn’t have raisins. I will die on this hill.

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Nozinan replied

@OdysseusUnbound some of the best tarts I have had were from Sudbury. They come plain, with pecans or, my favourite, with raisins. They are a little runny and there is a crystallized sugar crunch at the bottom. Thank you @paddockjudge foe introducing me to them. Or them to me.

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BlueNote replied

@Nozinan Walnut pieces and currents work too. And runny is good. That's the general Canadian version. Pecan tarts are a whole other treat. More chewy, but equally delicious.

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@BlueNote My mom made a version with raisins and pecans. Heaven. Sadly, my siblings are uncultured heathens who don't like raisins so mom makes some without raisins too.

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paddockjudge replied

Butter tarts from Golden Grain Bakery in Sudbury....for many years, I often enjoyed two butter tarts (plain, raisin, or pecan, depending on availability) every Friday with a generous pour of bourbon. @Nozinan, @OdysseusUnbound, @YakLord, @BlueNote, @Timp, @RianC, my favourite pairing was Pecan Butter Tarts with Booker's Barrel Proof Bourbon, especially the 2015-01 release, hard to go wrong with a good bourbon of any kind and couple of well crafted butter tarts.

@Victor, we should have this pairing at our next get together....I believe we may have already done so, but a reboot would, no doubt, be delicious again.

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Nozinan replied

@paddockjudge my blend of 4 of the other 5 2015 batches (2-6) tastes closer to the 2015-1 than any individual batch. But I would be willing to dig into my bunker for the real thing if it meant those bitter tarts.

Assuming, of course, that one day I will be able to taste bourbon again…

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Nozinan replied

@paddockjudge BUTTER tarts. They are the furthest thing away from bitter.

I miss my blackberry.

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Victor replied

@paddockjudge @Nozinan yes, we know that bourbon, and we know those tarts. Another iteration of those is always welcome! That 2015-01 Booker's remains my favourite batch of Booker's ever. Which is saying something.

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@paddockjudge I worked for a paralegal in my early 20s and every Friday she came in with a dozen freshly baked chocolate chip cookies from Golden Grain. Oh those cookies!! Great, now I’m hungry…

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Nozinan replied

Canada Day! What would it be without the traditional BBQ?

I can’t drink whisky yet, but I can grill meat.

Earlier today I went to my mom’s and she talked me through my first sponge cake. It came out very well. My mom thinks she’s not going to be around much longer so I’d better learn sooner than later.

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