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G & M Clynelish 12 YO

Olde Tyme Religion

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21st Mar 2016


G & M Clynelish 12 YO
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This review is based upon a 50 ml mini bottle which was given to me by Igor Kossov. Thank you, Igor. This is an old bottle. My guess is that it was bottled in the 1990s

Nose: clear clean very beautiful barley. There may be a hint of peat, but if there is any here, it is mild. Barley is what you smell, and it is great here. Higher pitched and more floral with water. Score: 23.5/25

Taste: old-time barley here...they taste different, these malts produced in the old days. Lovely sweet-dry balance, and very adequate strength of flavour for 40% ABV whisky. Citrus, a little grass...the usual barley stuff. Delicious. Water makes this more high-pitched and citrus-y. 23/25

Finish: stays clear as a bell for awhile, then goes a little sour near the death. The finish on this 12 yo is better than it is for my bottle of more recent Clynelish 14 YO, which goes bitter enough to significantly detract from the whisky. Water makes the citrus-y and less sour. Score: 21.5/25

Balance: very good indeed in nose and on delivery, good on the finish. Score: 22/25

Total Sequential Score: 90 points

Strength: good to very good strength of flavours. Score: 21.5/25

Quality: very beautiful barley; a little too sour at the death. Score: 22/25

Variety: not a lot, but the barley can hold the stage alone. Score: 20.5/25

Harmony: very good in nose and on delivery, fair on the finish. Score: 22/25

Total Non-Sequential Score: 86 points

Comment: this is a classic Scottish malt whisky which is about the basis of Scottish malt, which is Barley. I have found the older Clynelishes to be more interesting than the recently bottled releases. There is something about the way the barley was handled 30+ years ago which gives those Old Tyme whiskies a superior quality




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