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Glen Moray Cadenhead's Single Cask 20 Year Old

Vanilla Sky

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@RianCReview by @RianC

19th Apr 2020


Glen Moray Cadenhead's Single Cask 20 Year Old
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Thinking back, I'm pretty sure that Glen Moray was the first single malt I ever owned. It wasnt bought either, a house clearance gift from a friend if I remember correctly. This was back in the strictly Jameson and Johnny Black days mind you. Did I like it? Honestly can't remember, it certainly wasn't as off-putting as I found Glenfiddich at that time, but it was a few years before I ditched the blends and went full malty so draw your own conclusions. It used to be a very available and cheap malt but, unless I'm not looking carefully, it seems to have vanished from UK supermarket shelves of late.

So here we have a single cask from Cadenhead's thats been left to slumber for twenty years and bottled at a hearty 52.2%, generously provided by @wierdo. Nice! Review is with a tsp of water to a 30ml pour.

Nose - Lightly floral, creamy malt and complex and dark vanilla notes immediately rise out of the glass. There's a faint hint of very soft gingery spice and white pepper and a sort of cologne note that I cant put my finger on yet. A rather delicate, dare I say, yet inviting nose with a little waxy note in the mix as well.

Taste - Ooh that's lovely! Soft white fruits and more of that delicious vanilla note coming through and then becoming a little spicier (ginger and pepper again) as it develops. Full and creamy mouth-feel and, again, quite waxy on the palate.

Finish - Medium. Some assertive, but not overly bitter, tannins and more of that creamy vanilla. Refreshing and drying, really makes you want another sip.

Well, this is a pleasant little surprise I must say. Just shows what a good cask can do I suppose? There's nothing life changing about this dram - it's straight forward bourbon (i'd bet) matured whisky done very, very well. Light and easy going but with enough subtlety and complexity, especially that vanilla note, to make an experienced palate smile. Reminds me of Glencadam 10, if a reference point helps?

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Wierdo commented

Glad you liked it @RianC you are correct about it being a bourbon cask (hogshead IIRC)

4 years ago 1Who liked this?

RianC commented

@Wierdo - Enjoyed this one a lot, thanks! How did you find it? Hope you're fully recovered now?!

4 years ago 0