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Glendronach 1993 17 Year Old cask #529

Average score from 2 reviews and 2 ratings 75

Glendronach 1993 17 Year Old cask #529

Product details

  • Brand: GlenDronach
  • Bottler: Distillery Bottling
  • ABV: 60.5%
  • Age: 17 year old
  • Vintage: 1993
  • Bottled: 2010
  • Bottles: 627
  • Cask #: 529

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Glendronach 1993 17 Year Old cask #529

The oloroso sherry cask number 529 yielded no less than 627 bottles of this syrupy colored liquid, at a strength of 60,5% ABV. This GlenDronach matured for 17 years, so I'll bet it's very similar to the standard 15 Year Old Revival of the same Speyside distillery.

The nose is special, to say the least. And while I expected more sherry tones (they are there, but somewhat in the background), the first whiff is rather meaty. Less gym shoes than the Revival, but again a hint of sulpher is present. Rather vegetal too, with parsley and mushrooms. Despite the high ABV, I don't get any burning sensation on the nose. Very soft. Adding water makes it sweeter and dissolves the sulpher. An improvement.

The ABV does make itself be heard on the palate, though. Very peppery attack. Chili and cinnamon. But now I also get some dark, fried fruit (raisin, figs, prunes, dades) and nuts. Contrary to the Revival, the sulpher lining does rear its ugly head here. Slightly sourish, as well. Red berries? Thanks to the addition of water it is very palatable (doh!) and enhances the red fruit experience. Again an improvement.

The finish puts your salivary glands in overdrive. Lang, very spicy and 'red'. Diluting, however, shortens the finish considerably.

It's a tough choice with this GlenDronach signle cask. While the nose and palate improve with water, the finish falls apart.

627 bottles from a single cask?! Wow. I (maybe mistakenly) thought casks around 15 - 20 yrs old usually yielded 300-350 bottles. Does Glend(D)ronach use larger than usual casks, or am I way off in my thinking?

Another great comparative review by "The Toshan Man"! (cue theme music) :)

The yield depends on the cask type used. This was a sherry butt, not a barrel or hogshead. A butt has a content of 500 liters (where a standard barrel is only 200 liters and a hogshead about 225 liters).


This is part of the 2010 single casks series.

GlenDronach 17 yo 1993 (60,5%, OB 2010, oloroso sherry butt #529, 627 btl.)

Nose: the first thing that struck me was rubber with hints of mushrooms and a sulphury note of fireworks. It’s similar to GlenDronach 15yo Revival in that respect, but less subtle. Also hints of walnuts and meat. On a second level there are hints of mint, cloves, parsley and wet earth with just a hint of sweet berries. A bit of water makes the red fruits stand out.

Mouth: very sherried and very spicy with pepper, cloves and cinnamon. Still a bit beefy, earthy and dirty. Hints of dates. Very nice chocolate notes in the end. Again fruitier and more balanced (less spicy) with water.

Finish: long with spices and hints of berries again.

Personally I don’t find this kind of nose very appealing, the sulphur is just too prominent for me (once you’ve nosed another vintage in the same single cask series, this one really stands out… in a negative way).

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