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Glenfarclas 12 Year Old


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16th Feb 2013


Glenfarclas 12 Year Old
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Color: gold.

Nose: apples, pears, barley, and a hint of caramel.

Body: dry, rough, and chalky in the mouth.

Palate: very salty — almost overwhelmingly so — with a little ginger and lemon. It burns the tongue. Somewhere in the background there, I taste sweeter notes like dried apricots and prunes, some milk chocolate, and root beer candies. But the sour saltiness is definitely up front.

Finish: very long and kind of surprising. It starts very light before the burn builds up and bursts forth with a deep warming. The after-taste is very sweet and fruity, perhaps owing to the exit of the salt and sour from the palate.

This is a really dry whiskey, to the point of borderline unpleasantness. It is an interesting side trip, but given how closely it is priced to personal favorites like Macallan 12 or the Laphroaig Quarter Cask, I don't see myself going down this road twice.

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michaelschout commented

Give it a little time and that saltiness that you find so unpleasant may settle down. I know it did with my bottling because initially I was pretty shocked at the saltiness too but now I think very highly of the farclas 12.

11 years ago 0

AKGcandlefish commented

Thanks. Will do. Certainly don't plan on dumping it down the drain! ;)

11 years ago 0

Rigmorole commented

I don't see how you can compare this dram to Laphroaig (other than sheerly the cost of a bottle) but certainly it is in the same general category as the Macallan 12. I like to keep a bare minimum of an Islay, a sherry bomb, a slightly smokey bitter-sweet bottle, and a unique "challenge" (like the Longrow CV or something equally puzzling) in my cupboard at any given time. Right now, I have way too many open bottles, but that is just a phase I'm going through.

As for my taste buds, I like the Farc better than Mac 12. To me, the Farc 12 has more depth of character and interesting flavor combinations. Macallan is predictable. Delicious and satisfying, certainly, but not very challenging or interesting.

Last Saturday night, I ordered a glass of the 12. The bartender must have liked me, because she practically poured a double. I enjoyed it very much, but was surprised by the simplicity of it. I have been drinking Farc 21 at home, which is not a fair comparison.

I ordered the Farc 12 in a bar a few weeks ago. I remember liking it quite a bit. Of course, I've had it, on and off, for years. In all fairness though the first glass of scotch that hooked me permanently on drinking scotch as my favorite alcoholic beverage was a Macallan 12, so I tip my hat in that direction.

Well over a decade ago, I would buy and enjoy the occasional bottle of Lagavulin, but scotch didn't stick back then as it has in the past five or six years. It's funny, too: back then, Lagavulin seemed milder to me. Not sure if it was or if that was just my impression back then. It certainly cost a lot less than it does now!

Thanks for your review. It's quite interesting to hear how others feel about "The Farc." I've always been surprised that the 12 wasn't rated higher. I would put it up around a good solid 85.

11 years ago 0

AKGcandlefish commented

Yes, the Laphroaig comparison was purely a price thing. As a state employee, I have very limited Scotch funds, so price always comes into play for me.

In all fairness, I have not had the Macallan 12 in a long, long time. For instance, the last time I had the Macallan 12, I had never had an Islay! So it wouldn't surprise me entirely if the next time I pick up a bottle, I find it a little boring.

11 years ago 0

AKGcandlefish commented

I've bumped up my score of this one a bit. It has definitely grown on me. I wouldn't call it a favorite, but it is a solid introductory Speyside, and far preferable to the Glenlivet 12.

10 years ago 0