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Glenfarclas 12 Year Old

More than just a juicy mint-cake

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LReview by @Lifewaterforce

3rd Nov 2013


Glenfarclas 12 Year Old
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Bought the 12 after being very delighted with the very pleasing sample i had in 09, but waiting for, more cash-margin and a particularly good year to snap up a bottling. 2011 was a busy and very good year for most single malt distillers and costumers. This is one malt that contributed. Many lyrical reviews about this one, this year especially, and yes i do agree with them. But without giving to much away, let's dive into this.

Nose: Fresh minty and syrupy malt. Apples and pears with some rhubarb on the side. Collection of mints, natural caramel and even mint cake then, finally, some fine Italian grappa.

Palate: Perfectly balanced suggestive light (but juicy and pungent) sherry, with some malt syrup and spearmint/menthol making up the arrival. Busy, busy and tasty! Cider-vinegar and super-lush malt. Sage and ginger. Cough mixture, honey and superb "mintiness".

Finish: Aromatic sherry with apples, apple-mint and apple cider wooo! Calms down a bit with a salivating water-melon with a malt/menthol note hanging on in the background.

A good malt just got even better. This 12 year old really defines the distillery menthol-flavour. It also gets a bit of sherry influence whilst retaining the syrupy, dynamic malt from the 10 year old. This is a great "coming back to the roots" malt for all Glenfarclas admirers. Must be tasted, should never be forgotten. The soul of the distillery in a bottle.

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