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Glenfarclas 15 Year Old

A World Class Dram!

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@jwiseReview by @jwise

19th Jan 2011


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I have high hopes for this whisky. Everything I have heard about it is that it is a sherry bomb of a dram, and probably the best tasting of the Glenfarclas line. However, it is my understanding that the 15yr is not available in the United States, as the inventory is not able to support the US market. So, it is a real treat for me to even be able to taste this expression from Glenfarclas. So let us get on with the tasting!

This sample comes from a 46% ABV bottling.

Nose: Sherry up front! This is starting off right. Walnuts and currants! Ooh! Magnificent nose on this one! Getting some nose tingle. Honey, vanilla, brown sugar! Getting some dried fruits and could that be just a whiff of smoke? Spice.

Body: Creamy! GREAT mouth feel!

Palate: Bananas!? Apricots? Brown sugar and butter! Malty goodness. And spice builds! This is amazing. I don't want to swallow...

Finish: The finish is a bit short, but the fact I held this whisky in my mouth for quite a while is probably a factor there! Otherwise, this has an incredibly wonderful finish, releasing sweet dates, almonds, and some pepper.

This is a world-class dram! Holy hell that was good! I am SO sad right now that I can't get a bottle or two at my local shop. I have just a sip left in the 3cl sample I received from Master of Malt. I'm going to have to do some more figuring of shipping costs from the UK...

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BlueNote commented

Nice review jwise. I have been working on a bottle of Glenfarclas 17 for a while and decided it was time to try the 15. A much more complex dram than the 17. The higher ABV helps and it just generally has much more character than the 17 which is a bit standard issue. Nice but unexciting.

11 years ago 0

jwise commented

I just received two bottles of Glenfarclas 15yr from the UK! I cracked open one of them, and just served myself a healthy pour! Mmmmmmmm!! This is GOOD!

11 years ago 0

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