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Glenfarclas 15 Year Old

H2H with 105

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@Robert99Review by @Robert99

4th Jan 2015


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Recently, I had on the same night the 105 and A'bunadh batch 46. I said on another thread that it was unfair to compare the two of it and that it would be more interesting to compare the 105 to the 15 yo. So here I am.

I am comparing two bottles that are from this year and have been opened for 2 to 3 weeks and that are both 85% full.

On the nose:

The 15 yo has improved a lot over the weeks. The alcool is not as presents as it was fresh opened. But it is still there bringing a very winy Sherry influence with a dry spicy wood and some green cereals. With air and time you have cherries and almond like on a Canadian rye.

The big difference with 105 is the presence of the malt giving more heavy notes to this whisky. The chocolate has more richness so does the spices and the wood. but everything remain a bit closed.

On the palate:

The 15 yo is all about the dry wood and the spices. the body is rich enough to be interesting but there is a lack of fruit and they are not well defined.

The 105 is way more spicier. You have pepper, cayenne, chocolate and Sherry wine with some sweetness and just before a good alcohol burn that carry the wooden spices. Then the malt is coming back quite heavy, in a good way.

The finish:

When the 15 leaves you with the dry wood, the 105 end with the wine notes and a late and surprising bitterness.


The nose is the best part of the 15 yo and I believe it announces improvement over time and air. The 105 is still closed but on the palate it is a clear winner. The biggest difference between these two whiskies is the presence of the malt in the 105 making it so more rich. The 105 has also a more fruity Sherry although the wood spices are more defined in the 15 yo they are more on the high notes side while the spices of the 105 are hotter if I my say so. The finish are not there strong point. If the 105 as a longer finish, it also make the bitter note more obvious. At the end, the 105 is the best... for the moment. I think the 15 yo will continue to improve and may become the best of the two.

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Nozinan commented

Nice review. I like the way you put the same notes in 2 reviews so a reader can search either expression. Well done.

6 years ago 0

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