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Glenfiddich 18 Year Old

Subtle, elegant and thoughtful

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@jdcookReview by @jdcook

31st Oct 2009


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Subtle - fruity, apples and pears. A hint of smoke. Really gentle and light. Not complex, but thoughtfully balanced and very pleasant.

The taste is gentle, soft and melts into your mouth. Still subtle, but more sophisticated than the nose. Sweet caramel, honey and oak. Hints of raisins and spice.

For such a gentle soft dram, the finish is surprisingly long and warm - spiced honey with fruity notes. It lasts a minute or two, but leaves my mouth watering and refreshed.

This is a genuinely elegant malt with what feels like a very sophisticated balance of flavours. It's really light - so do not drink it second after pretty much anything else, but as a first dram, it is really subtle, elegant and thoughtful dram.

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jeanluc commented

"Subtle, elegant and thoughtful" - It's funny when you start to judge whisky on almost human characteristics. Reliable, dependable, faithful, GSOH :-)

Nicely reviewed.

10 years ago 0

jdcook commented

Yeah - this is one of those malts that doesn't quite feel natural. That sounds bad, but it isn't - like there is nothing wrong with using photoshop to sharpen up an image and give it more impact. I get the feeling with some distilleries that they do a fair bit of tinkering to produce the final product. Now, if the final product is good, there is nothing wrong with the process to get it there. So while some distilleries just do the basics, and produce a spirit without too much 'post-processing' (so to speak), others (and this dram feels like one of them) feel like they have been thoughtfully put together to produce the balance they have.

...and my wife thinks I have a good sense of humour. At least, she keeps laughing at me... :p

10 years ago 0

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