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Glengoyne Cask Strength / Batch 4

A'bu...not! or Glosettes, black pepper and banana

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@cricklewoodReview by @cricklewood

10th Aug 2017


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I have tried a few Glengoyne expressions before and it sometimes reminds me a little bit of Arran. Nothing has bowled me over so far but I did enjoy the 15yr old which seemed to take really well to the proportion of sherried malt contained within.

The cask strength is unchillfiltered and uncolored, it is purported to be a combination of 30% first fill and 70% refill sherry casks (a mix of American and Spanish oak). There was previously a 12 year old CS but this is what we get now...blame it on A'bunadh.

Nose: milk chocolate, dusty cumin, cooked barley and oats, quite a nip of alcohol, damp oak and a caramel made of Demerara sugar. It’s not very expressive at first.

Palate: Glossettes, pepper, lots of oak and a slight touch of banana. Dried fruits and sherry sweetness give way to sulfur and a slight astringency and bite.

Finish: Long and drying, more raisins, the sweetness and black pepper lingers, there is less burn on the mouth than the nose but that bitterness starts to build up after a while.

There isn’t a lot of variety to this dram it finds the groove and sticks to it. It’s not a contender for the usual big muscled sherry bombs, it doesn’t have the fruits and oaky punch of A’bunadh or Glendronach CS for example.

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Nozinan commented

You seem to have a good nose/palate for specific flavours. I wish I could place those flavours I sense as well as you do.

Nice review.

3 years ago 0

Robert99 commented

Usually, I find Glengoyne to have a good texture, good malt and some peach syrup. It is a bit on the heavy side (low notes). The one you describe doesn't sound like that at all. Would you say it is a typical Glengoyne?

3 years ago 0

cricklewood commented


I only had one small sample from a friends bottle, I felt it was very closed on the nose, the alcohol masking the flavors. It does not remind me much of the 10 or 15 year old which I have tried a few times. The CS had a nagging bitterness and again bananas, I didn't realize till later the official tasting notes mention it too, that's a first time my palate aligns with producers notes.

3 years ago 0

cricklewood commented

@Nozinan, Thanks for the kind words, peoples palates and noses are different and it's fun to see how other people interpret them. It's fun to do blind taste/smell exercises, we did those a few times in culinary school and they can be frustrating but helpful in training your palate. Researching flavour compounds is a fascinating look into the connections from such disparate elements. I am not sure if I'm allowed to post such links but here's a fun place to start blog.khymos.org/molecular-gastronomy/…

3 years ago 0

Nozinan commented

@cricklewood Not only interesting but a source of an interesting recipe to 2...

3 years ago 0

RianC commented

@cricklewood - great link, thanks.

Pineapple and blue cheese . . . yes, please! But I can't say smoked eels and chocolate sounds like a winner.

2 years ago 0

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